Columbus Coworking Guide



Whether you’re a “solopreneur” or a budding small business with a tight-knit team, the options for office and coworking space in Columbus are ever-expanding. From open, character-filled spaces in the heart of Downtown, to offices in the suburbs that offer more than a desk, but also additional programming, there’s a little something for any type of business in any price range.

From desks to offices, find the space that best suits your work style. Do you run on coffee? Find out what spaces wrap it into membership – and of course other important things like conference rooms, kitchenettes and WiFi.

Scroll through each space, or use the links below to jump to you favorite.

  • The list is comprehensive, but I fear the term coworking is being conflated/confused with shared office suites. While the comparison chart is helpful, it should color code those entities which embody not only collaboration but real community. The latter is not to be taken lightly and does not simply come about as a result of physical proximity in the workspace.

    I advise all those “startups”, specifically the earlier stage ones to examine the links in the above coworking very carefully. At the end of the day/month/year startups have to work/coexist there. Do not take such a decision lightly.

    Coworking, workspace and studio are terms that are thrown around too easily. When speaking to those running these spaces do ask what they mean when they use these terms. I caution all of them to revisit their respective descriptions and regularly check to see that they are in step with their respective visions.