10X Tuesday: Accelerator Develops a Variety of Companies

The teams in the 10X Startup Accelerator are finding creative solutions to problems. Whether it’s solutions for online or mobile gaming,or an opportunity for key insights into a growing demographic, the program is capable of developing a variety of businesses.

This week’s 10X Tuesday features two companies that are enhancing the mobile and online gaming experience. Panopticon Laboratories makes the online gaming experience more secure while Social Token hopes to make mobile gaming more enjoyable – and profitable –  by eliminating ads.

This week also features business information tool, OYE! The technology provides companies with valuable insight to reach Hispanics where they are with the channels they use.

pantopiconPanopticon Laboratories

Panopticon Laboratories builds cyber security software for online video games. The rise in popularity of online games has created ample opportunity for hackers to takeover players’ accounts and transfer out content to sell online.

Avid gamer and Founder Matt Cook had his online gaming account hacked. After researching the security that was cropping up to protect gamers from such a scenario, Cook noticed a parallel with online banking security because of his extensive experience in the industry. However, gaming security was five plus years behind banking.

Panopticon aims to produce software that will make use of the more updated technology seen in the banking industry and apply it to gaming, while targeting video game publishers.

As for the 10X program, “We wouldn’t be anywhere without it,” Cook says. From filing incorporation papers to connecting to customers, the accelerator has helped them build from the ground up. The goal,

“Save the worlds!” Cook says.

For more information, visit panopticonlabs.com.

10x-social-tokenSocial Token

“Social Token revolutionizes the way online games are played,” says CEO Ryan Ramminger.

Instead of banner ads taking up valuable screen space, Social Token rewards gamers with redeemable offers. This creates a digital currency that users apply towards prizes that are relevant to them. Social Token partners with over 50 companies to create redeemable offers.

Rammingers’s research showed that advertising on mobile games was ineffective and couldn’t generate revenue. The Social Token model aims to significantly increase revenue for advertisers and game publishers.

The 10X startup accelerator has provided valuable feedback for his team. Ramminger says Social Token came in with a platform but have done a complete overhaul through the help of the program.

For more information, visit socialtokenmobile.com.


Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. Many major companies see the increasing importance of targeting this market, but what is the best way to reach them?

Business information tool, OYE! helps companies develop a picture of how and where Hispanics communicate online. The purpose, “To listen, monitor, analyze and report Hispanic conversations online,” says Co-Founder and Director Natasha Pongonis.

Pongonis notes the lack of understanding of how Hispanics communicate. The tool will provide insight in to the volume of Hispanic conversations online and where they are happening. Analyzing these conversations will help businesses understand their impact and the social influencers within this community.

OYE! will also provide the technology to run the analytics regarding these online conversations.

Like her colleagues in the accelerator, Pongonis notes the great connections, mentorship and guidance OYE! has received since starting the program. “There is a network to develop concept to product,” she says.

For more information, visit socialmediaspanish.com.

The next 10X Tuesday will highlight the four additional teams in the program, further accenting the unique variety of startups calling Columbus home.

Interested in hearing more about the 10X teams? 10X will host Demo Day on Friday, November 15th at The Ohio Union US Bank Conference Theater. Each team will give a 10-minute presentation about their company and experience in the accelerator to a group of investors, mentors and community leaders.

Guests will also hear a keynote speech from seasoned entrepreneur and investor Paul Singh. Singh is Founder of Dashboard.io, Partner at 500 Startups and currently serving as an Entrepreneur in Residence with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and DHS/USCIS. Through his work he has been a part of over 525 investments in 35 countries. Before is current list of accomplishments, he also founded several other startups.

The public is welcome to attend, but space is limited. For more information, contact Alex Purtell, Program Coordinator 10X Accelerator, [email protected].