2013 Entrepreneur of the Year: Elizabeth Lessner

Chances are you have eaten at a Liz Lessner restaurant. With six hot-spots in the Columbus Food League, two more concepts on the way, and other irons in the fire, her creatively-themed dining options offer some of the most popular food in town.

Creating eight restaurants is no small feat, and Columbus residents agree, voting her as entrepreneur of the year for 2013.

“Liz cares deeply for urban development and renewal and that passion and business acumen help make her successful,” says Mark Swanson of the Central Ohio Restaurant Association. “But I think the best part is that her and her partners are simply good people trying to do good things,” he continues.

Residents can find Lessner’s restaurants across Short North and Downtown, with concepts ranging from hot dogs, to comfort food with a twist, to tiki-themed eats. However, Lessner is bringing more than just good eats to Columbus.

“I also love how she fights for what she thinks is best for our community and her agenda is always transparent,” Swanson says. “She’s the real deal.”

In addition to her restaurant businesses, Lessner is the Owner/Operator of Eartha Limited, a food waste diversion business that helps a larger group of restaurants recycle food scraps to be cleaner and greener.

The Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2013

  1. Elizabeth Lessner
  2. Jeni Britton Bauer
  3. Cameron Mitchell
  4. Yavonne Sarber
  5. Mark Ballard
  6. Mikey Sorboro
  7. Chris Doody
  8. Collin Castore
  9. Alex Bandar
  10. Ryan Vesler