2015 Columbus Entrepreneur of the Year: Joe DeLoss

Hot Chicken Takeover may have won up Best New Startup of 2014, but for 2015, the entrepreneur behind the chicken is earning the best-of moniker. Joe Deloss heads up an impressive list of local entrepreneurs brewing beer, providing storefronts for Ohio artisans, making staples of the Columbus food scene, and much, much more.

The Nashville-style fried hot chicken and just like ma’s mac-n-cheese are only half of the equation to the startup’s two years of mega success. Deloss is using the restaurant to validate his model for second-chance employment. He has shared the social enterprise’s mission and employment model at numerous events throughout the year (read more here, here and here) and capped off 2015 as one of The Metropreneur’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year award winners.

Read up on the enterprise and check out the menu at hotchickentakeover.com.

Top 10 Columbus Entrepreneurs of the Year for 2015

1. Joe DeLoss – Head Fryer, Hot Chicken Takeover
2. Adam Benner – President, Land-Grant Brewing Company
3. Niki Quinn – Co-Owner, Tigertree & Cubshrub
4. Olivera Bratich – Owner, Wholly Craft
5. Mikey Sorboro – Owner, Mikey’s Late Night Slice
6. Jeni Britton Bauer – Founder, Jeni’s
7. Robert Grimmet – Owner, Robert Mason
8. Greg Ubert – Owner, Crimson Cup
9. Ryan Bauer – Owner, Art of Yoga
10. Andrea Archibald – Owner, Simply Vague, Ohio Creative Collective