2Checkout Supports Global Online Transactions

Columbus-based 2Checkout is making it easier for small business and entrepreneurs to handle online transactions. The technology company has created highly adaptable solutions that function on a variety of platforms, eliminating the potential loss of customers through incompatibility. 2Checkout also focuses on helping businesses expand into international markets with currency and language conversion functions.

With a system best utilized by small businesses, we recently spoke with 2Checkout to learn more about how their services can offer support.

Q: Tell me about how 2Checkout was started.

2Checkout founder Alan Homewood conceived a low-cost, easy-to-implement e-commerce solution for the small business owner as well as the newcomer who found traditional merchant account contract terms and pricing structures prohibitive. In 1999 he began developing the underlying code and relationships that formed the initial foundation of 2Checkout. Over the next decade, Alan built his weekend project into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Now established internationally for 13 years, 2Checkout’s primary mission is help online businesses sell their products and services all over the world by providing a completely localized buying experience – one that is in-language, in-currency and with familiar payment types.

Q: What services do you offer? How do they work?

We provide the technology that provides the consumer buying experience. For instance, our sellers link to our checkout process when their customer is ready to make an online purchase. We collect the payment information and process the transaction for the seller. 2Checkout handles all the payment complexities for the seller, such as validation of the transaction, fraud and security management, currency and language conversion, and shopping cart integration.

Our service offers the optimal buying experience by automatically displaying the checkout pages based upon the device the buyer is using. The single-page hosted checkout solution will optimize to a desktop, tablet or mobile device while maintaining your custom-branded settings. This is important because the more seamless the buying experience for the customer, the more sales conversions a seller will have.


Q: Who is 2Checkout’s target customer?

2Checkout best serves small businesses with $50,000 – $10M in annual sales that want to be able to sell their products and services, not just in the U.S., but potentially to buyers around the world. Because of our breadth in currency and language conversion, the majority of our customers are international businesses or U.S. businesses looking to expand into international markets.

Unlike other online payment service providers, 2Checkout provides the tools, technology, language, currencies and payment types so that sellers are able to convert more browsers into buyers.

Q: How can your services enhance the bottom line for small businesses and entrepreneurs?

There are several ways 2Checkout helps businesses:

1. We help online businesses reach new buyers by helping them expand to serve buyers in countries around the globe; prospective customers are everywhere – shouldn’t you be?

2. We help storefront businesses expand by helping them sell their products and services online.

3. Our mobile tools help entrepreneurs manage their online business on the go by staying up-to-date on sales and payments and staying close to their customers from their iOS and Android devices.

4. Our fraud detection and prevention reduces risk and costs to our customers by avoiding fraudulent transactions and charges.

5. We offer simple, flat-rate-pricing so businesses can easily predict their costs to sell and transact online, making bookkeeping much simpler

Q: If I’m a small business interested in your services, how should I get started?

Getting started with 2Checkout is really simple. All one has to do is go to 2checkout.com, signup and fill out a brief questionnaire to get started within minutes.

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Building a business is often hard to achieve. Building a business that can sell all around the world is even more difficult. We make it easier. We provide your customers a completely localized buying experience – one that is in language, in currency and with their preferred payment method. This will reduce your cart abandonment rates and ultimately, help you sell more.

For more information, visit 2checkout.com.

Photos provided by 2Checkout.