AboutOurWork.com Rolling Out to Four Million New Customers

Local tech startup AboutOurWork.com is growing its userbase by 3000 percent today. The small business networking site allows users to create easy websites from templates, connect with related business and virtually network. And while its grown gradually to serve around 120,000 users, they’re flipping the switch today to accommodate four million more.

about-our-work“Our goal is to get them onboarded and converted over the next three months, learn from the process and then hopefully double that number to eight million by years end,” explains AboutOutWork.com co-founder and CEO David Hunegnaw. “The feedback during our initial testing has been amazing with extraordinarily high conversion rate, and based on that testing, we expect more of that success.”

Hunegnaw says that he launched AboutOutWork.com along with co-founder Brooke Paul to originally serve as a platform to help small businesses create online profiles, which then could then be expanded into websites if they didn’t already have once. The scope of the project has grown since then to include networking opportunities that go beyond just social interaction.

“Michael Dalby, the President of the Columbus Chamber, challenged us to leverage the data we were collecting on our small businesses to help them better connect with one another for business-to-business opportunities, creating as he said ‘an eHarmony for small businesses’ that small business owners desperately need,” says Hunegnaw. “That was a lightbulb moment for Brooke and I.”

Since then, AboutOutWork.com has continued to evolve and grow. The startup has received investment funding from TechColumbus, Founders Factory, Fastswitch and several other angels. Hunegnaw, Paul and the rest of their team are confident that their model will help with what they’ve identified as an underserved market of micro-businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

“We feel pretty lucky to be the first and only small business network to predict and identify potential B2B opportunities and look forward to continuing our progress,” adds Hunegnaw. “But, we’re not stopping there… we have a few more tricks up our sleeve.”

For more information, visit www.aboutourwork.com.