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The Metropreneur was created with the sole purpose of strengthening the entrepreneurial environment in Central Ohio and to help support our small business community. We achieve that by providing breaking news and announcements, business profiles and spotlights, highlighting local and regional trends, providing advice columns from business professionals and a wide variety of other types of valuable and interactive content.

Our role goes beyond just “telling the story” of our entrepreneurial community, and provides resources for virtual business incubation. We’ve compiled a Local Resource Database that contains hundreds of regional resources ranging from financial assistance providers to marketing resources to social media consultants.

Each year, we celebrate social enterprises in our community during Aspire. Aspire usually takes place in September.

The Metropreneur has received awards for our work, including Best Specialized Journalism Site, and specific stories.

The Metropreneur is a community-driven resource, which means that our content should dictated by you, the reader. If there are areas you’d like to see us focus on, businesses we should be featuring, or emerging trends that need coverage, contact us and let us know. 

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