Agenda Columbus Utilizing Local Partners for Premium Events

A new event planning and project design company utilizing all local businesses will launch this fall. Agenda Columbus CEO Jaquelyn Morbitzer is creating a carefully curated go-to list of local businesses to partner with for all types of events.

“It’s your standard not so standard event planning and project management,” Morbitzer says of her new venture. “My goal is to support local, independent business.”

Local business will be utilized as event partners and cross-promoted with surface exposure during Agenda Columbus events. For example, the company has already partnered with Candle with a Cause and will use their candles as decor at events.

Morbitzer wants to form relationships with one to two local vendors per category that will provide everything an event will need, from linens to a DJ to a caterer. Agenda Columbus will strategically develop their go-to list with business partners Morbitzer is passionate about. Many of the companies she has partnered with or wants to partner with represent businesses with great brands or products that she feels aren’t seeing enough exposure.

Several factors play into Agenda Columbus’ desire to create a tight list of partners. First it guarantees the quality of the vendor. Each is established so Morbitzer knows exactly what the partner brings to the table. It also means eliminating research time and time again for each new event. Every partner business is of proven, reliable quality so there’s no chancing it with an unknown vendor during an event.

Morbitzer also points out that when the average person Googles something like how to plan a wedding, local businesses aren’t always at the top of the search results. Instead, through Agenda Columbus, she is hoping to give local businesses exposure to help them grow.

Agenda Columbus is open to all sorts of events. “I just think it’s an awesome way for all of us to come together and keep the money here local,” Morbitzer says.

Morbitzer had been doing freelance project management and PR when the idea developed. “I realized there was this totally untouched market of event planning and project management,” she says.

Agenda Columbus is planning an end of September launch. Morbitzer plans to put together a gala for their business partners so each knows who they are working with. “We have a very streamlined idea in what we want and what we’re trying to accomplish,”Morbitzer says.

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