Alcohol gets in on the Delivery App Market with Alcohol Deliveries

With everything from dinner to groceries able to be delivered to your doorstep, alcohol is ready to join the party. Launched just over a year ago, the efficiently named Alcohol Deliveries is making it happen with an enterprise platform for liquor and grocery stores.

Available on iOS and Android, it’s a pretty straight-forward process on the consumer end. Open the app, check out the beverage menu and select your drink(s) of choice. Alcohol Deliveries offers beer, wine and liquor, with choices that range from “it’s game day I need beer” to a more refined, whiskey-sipping palate.

Once a user verifies they are at least 21 years of age, “Our average delivery time is 23 minutes,” says Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Anthony Reynolds. While there’s a little wiggle room in that time, the app aims for 30-minutes or less. alcoholdeliverieslogo

Alcohol Deliveries boozes up the 270 loop with delivery times from 2:00 – 9:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and noon – 9:00 p.m. on Saturday. Payment is handled in-app and incurs a $6.99 flat delivery fee with no minimum order.

Alcohol Deliveries is the only booze-centric delivery app in the Columbus market after Cincinnati-based Drinkos announced their expansion to the area, but service never materialized. Filling a gap in the market was one of the drivers for Reynolds and fellow Co-Founder Joshua Walker.

Both are Air Force veterans that met not when they were stationed at the same base (Wright-Patterson in Dayton), but during their first weeks working at J.P. Morgan.

Thinking long-term, the business partners weren’t really thrilled by the prospects in the stock market and its limited positive growth, so instead opted to invest their money in building a business.

What’s one thing that people don’t have?” the creators asked themselves. 

Their inspiration highlights a very big purpose that Alcohol Deliveries serves – keeping those that have already been imbibing off the road. Walker recalled a dinner with his wife and kids where the wine ran dry and thinking, “I wish I could have wine delivered.” Reynolds motivation came in the form of preventing tragedy, having a friend that was killed by a drunk driver.

The idea blossomed from there, enlisting the help of organizations like Rev1 Ventures and new-to-Columbus Bunker Labs along the way.

Alcohol Deliveries is a graduate of the Rev1 Concept Academy. Reynolds says the program challenged them to really validate and refine the concept. The app made tweaks like Alcohol Deliveriesimproving the customer experience to just a three-step process, making it easier to use. Reynolds says that since those changes, “Eighty-five percent of customers are repeat customers.” Additionally, the average customer orders booze at least once every two weeks. 

The app has also attracted the attention of Bunker Labs. The nonprofit provides mentorship, financial support and office space for veteran-owned businesses.

“We are actually the first member company in Columbus,” Reynolds says.

Alcohol Deliveries’ target market is liquor stores and eventually, groceries. While the process is in the name, the developers are not actually delivering the booze themselves, but they are creating the mobile marketplace to make it happen. The app generates revenue by charging its partners a monthly service fee and collecting a portion of the delivery fee.

The app currently partners with Arena Wine & Spirits to serve the Columbus market. Reynolds says they are growing strategically – the market demand is there, but the duo wants to make sure systems in place before expanding.

In October, Alcohol Deliveries will start servicing a wider swath of the Central Ohio market, with sights set on expansion to Cincinnati and Cleveland by the end of the year.

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