Archetype Restoration a One-Stop-Shop for Restoration & Renovation Projects

Many businesses are inspired by the age-old adage of ‘I could do this better myself.’ And in the case of general contracting firm Archetype Restoration that better means delivering good work at a good price, and being accountable to their customers.

An industry Co-Founder Jared Blevins didn’t expect to land in has afforded him the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. Blevins graduated from OSU in 2011 with a business degree. After some post-graduation travelling he came back to Columbus and took a job in construction. While he felt a certain sense of going through the motions, he was grateful to at least have a job. This job is also where he would meet Business Partner Anthony Reilly.

Reilly was more experienced in the industry, having worked at a few different construction companies. When that we-could-do-this-better feeling started to sink in, the duo realized their backgrounds made a nice complement. Reilly had more of the hands-on experience, while Blevins had the business chops.

Since making the leap to full-time Archetype Restoration earlier this year, “In a lot of ways it’s just taken off more than we could ever imagine,” Blevins says. 

Their namesake has proven to be where they land most of their business, but instead of doing more individual residential or insurance work as they expected, Archetype Restoration has found a sweet spot with property managers that have a list of holdings that require attention on several fronts.

From windows to plumbing to painting to roofing, “We basically organize everything you need for the project,” Blevins says. “We try to be a one-stop shop.” 

Archetype Restoration uses a list of trusted subcontractors to vet out all of their projects.

So far most of their projects have been in the renovation or restoration of existing structures versus new-builds. One of their largest clients is a university-area apartment owner who has been taking historical homes in the Victorian Village area and turning them into premium apartments for students. Archetype Restoration has been able to help the landlord build out more than just the run of the mill student apartments, while restoring some features of the houses to their original charm.


Archetype Restoration is focused on building a name in the Columbus market versus sprawling, saying there’s plenty of work to be done in the city. Blevins also thinks the market is ripe here. Places like the OSU Wexner Medical Center are bringing an influx of affluent, educated individuals to the immediate campus area and neighborhoods like Victorian Village. He says this group sees the value in exploring restoring the older homes with the hot housing market. Some money in now means big returns later.

As for Blevins, he’s finding being a business owner to be a big return.

“It’s a type of stress, but it’s a different type of stress,” Blevins says. “I feel like there no glass ceilings. I feel like there is unlimited potential so it’s definitely exciting everyday.” 

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