At Work: Compton Construction’s Creative Office on Parsons Avenue

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The adaptive reuse project known as East Public on Parsons Avenue has had a tenant move in. Compton Construction has completed their creative office space on the south end of the project and Blake Compton, CEO of Compton Construction, could not be more pleased with the finished result.

Blake Compton, CEO of Compton Construction.

The creative office space is 2,500 square feet and features artwork and plants throughout, creative uses of wood, examples of concrete finishes – as well as other items used in the design of the company’s projects, photos of past construction projects, reclaimed siding, and murals.

“I always wanted to pay homage to my grandpa, owner of Compton Construction in the 70s,” says Compton. Artist Mandi Caskey created the mural of Compton’s grandpa in the reception area, welcoming guests with a warm hello. The mural was created on top of a thin brick veneer with detail by Christian Minor of Capital C Masonry.

Matt Hatcher of the Idea Foundry created the Project Picture Ledge in the hallway that leads to the Wellness Room and restroom. Compton prioritizes having a space for employees to recharge and serve as a comfortable space for new moms to transition after maternity leave.

murals in offices
Mural, by Mandi Caskey, featuring Blake Compton’s grandpa.

Jeremy Miller and Adam Koons contributed to the design of the office with Compton. The kitchen was moved to the center of the space to create a place for people to gather. The kitchen is tucked underneath an open staircase and landing that creates a visually open space as well as a productive one, allowing lines of sight to move through the two floors.

The conference room showcases the different finishes of concrete that Compton Construction sells. The conference table was originally designed by Jeremy Miller and Compton, with tweaks and production by Zach Sanderson. Sanderson completed the table in 48 hours. The design was repeated in a sliding door that Sanderson and Dylan Paul completed. Paul’s handiwork can be found throughout the space in the Circles Cloud above the reception area, and the benches in the Conference and Wellness Rooms.

office kitchen redesign
Kitchen and reception moved to the heart of the building.

office space ideas

Conference Room Table.
Ceiling design work by Dylan Paul.

how to incorporate plants in your office
The Compton Construction logo by Planthropy.
innovative office spaces
The workspace upstairs.
The Compton Construction Community Kit for Columbus Crew SC.

how to hang photos in an office display
Picture ledge to show past projects.

plants for office spaces

Entrance to the Wellness Room.
A piece by artist Christopher Burk.
A Compton Construction Spirit Animal.

A rooftop area will be added in the future.

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When Compton purchased the space with his partners in Sidestreet Development, it was not in the early plan to have his office be a tenant in the development. An advice session with Frank Kass, founding partner of Continental Real Estate Companies, helped Compton with the realization that the project would become viable if he moved his office into the development he already owned.

“It’s us,” says Compton about the space. He’s enjoyed having an opportunity to work with many of his friends on a personal and meaningful project. Getting to know the neighborhood and contributing to positive change has also been an exciting part of the project.

“I’m excited about the conversion of Parsons Avenue,” he says.

Rain chains along the outside of the building.
East Public tenants
The rear space has areas for other tenants.
Stairs leading to the rooftop patio.

Upstairs has an outdoor space as well.
Exterior View.

South-facing exterior view.

Artists’ works featured throughout Compton Construction’s creative office space include: Christopher Burk, Adam Brouillette, Catherine Bell Smith, Kevin Malcolm Jones, Jenn Wrubles, Jen Burton, Chad Cochran, Katie Barron, Rob Green, items from The Vanderelli Room.

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