At Work: Peaceful office located in Historic Dublin

Dr. Carol L. Clinton.

Just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Historic Dublin’s High Street is the peaceful office and practice of Timeless Skin Solutions.

Dr. Carol L. Clinton bought the space about four years ago to house her full-time private dermatology practice. Previously, she had offices in the Short North and on Muirfield Drive.

Clinton was looking to merge into a single space and heard about the economic initiative the city of Dublin was implementing to get businesses downtown.

“I wanted to be easily accessible to I-270,” says Clinton, as patients feel closer to her office when it is located inside of the outerbelt.

“I love that we’re in the heart of town,” she says, adding that patients can get a treatment, then get coffee and sit in the practice’s courtyard.

Shaded courtyard for relaxing.

Her building is 2,400 square feet, housing patient rooms and offices. There are welcoming foyers on each side, and the space is connected by an upper floor walkway.

The building also has its own parking, which has been a wonderful amenity for patients. In a building across the street, Timeless Skin Solutions has about 700 square feet for administrative purposes.

Interior designer Rick Miller worked with Clinton to create a welcoming environment suitable for all patients.

“It’s a comfortable place for everyone to come in,” she says.

Dark wood accents, rich colors and plentiful windows welcome you as you enter the space.
Chocolate brown accents continue upstairs in the office area.
Dr. Clinton turns to Jacquie Otcasek, of the former Mahan Gallery, to find art for the space.

The practice recently created a profile for Google Business Photos.

“Being on the cutting edge of technology is a hallmark of our practice,” Clinton says. She also wanted a profile on Google Business Photos to give patients another way to feel comfortable with her practice.

Clinton appears on Daytime Columbus with Gail Hogan on NBC4i once a week to give people another way to see her, and feel like they know her when they choose her practice. Being able to help people be comfortable with their skin is the most rewarding part of her day.

“Watching somebody who’s concentrating on some aspect of their skin that’s keeping them from being who they want to be and fixing that…that is really awesome,” she says.

Welcoming patient room.

Timeless Skin Solutions also donates to quite a few groups. There are eleven employees and each one chooses a philanthropic pursuit that the company supports.

Additionally, Clinton herself supports groups in the health care and educational sectors.

Changing from a small business owner to a physician multiple times a day can be challenging. To make sure she is living a balanced life and running her business the best she’s able, Clinton is a member of the Columbus Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. The group offers “comprehensive resources of business knowledge to help you grow your business.”

This year, her practice doubled its square footage when the second half of the building was finished. For future growth, Clinton is more interested in helping other people build a practice than expanding again to multiple locations for herself.

Walkway connecting the two buildings.

The decision to leave a group practice and open her own has been a very rewarding one.

“I was in a group practice of 30 people,” she says. “[In a practice that size] your voice and vision gets diluted. I had a particular way I wanted things done and a certain way I wanted to have patients and staff to be treated. I can do that here.”

Visit Timeless Skin Solutions at 31 S. High St., Dublin, OH 43017. To learn more about practice, visit

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