Bake Me Happy Wins Grant From Discover’s Eat It Forward Campaign

Bake Me Happy
Bake Me Happy has won a grant.

Local Black-owned bakery Bake Me Happy has won a $25,000 grant from Discover’s Eat It Forward Program.

“Forty percent of Black-owned businesses are expected to not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research from UC Santa Cruz,” said Russ Hindel, Regional Operations Director at Discover. “Discover saw the disproportionate impact being had on this community, and we wanted to provide support in a tangible way. So, we created the Eat it Forward program to give 200 Black-owned restaurants across the country $25,000 to help them recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The credit company has been asking for nominations of “Black-owned restaurants that you know of that could use a $25,000 award” since July 6, 2020. Each week the company randomly chose a restaurant to win a $25,000 check. The final drawing is happening November 2, 2020 and a total of $5M will be awarded to 200 nominees.

Bake Me Happy was one of the winners of the #EatItForward campaign. Co-owner Letha Pugh took to Facebook to share her excitement.

“I am so happy and excited, I felt like I just needed to share!” she said.

Pugh plans to use the funds, as well as grants received from the City of Columbus and The Columbus Urban League, to build out the Bake Me Happy space opening soon at North Market Bridge Park.

#EatItForward grant winner Bake Me Happy
Bake Me Happy’s stall at North Market Bridge Park. Image provided by Ad Astra Design.

Watch her full message here.

“I am beyond appreciative,” she said.

Hen Quarter and J. Gumbo’s Delaware were also recipients of $25,000 grants.

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