Baker Creative Takes Inside Out Approach to Branding

Creative brand management firm, Baker Creative, takes a unique and multi-faceted approach to building businesses.

“We’re not a traditional agency, we service all different facets of a business,” Founder and Creative Director Michele Cuthbert says. “We see the brand as the nucleus of the business.” Baker Creative uses that nucleus to develop businesses from the inside out.

In addition to traditional branding efforts like marketing, PR and digital development, the company focuses on human capital – the support behind a business. Baker Creative provides services like management and business strategy, and HR training and strategy. Cuthbert says business is how those different parts – the brand and the people – intertwine.

“We help people with the overall strategy and getting everyone on the same page,” she says.

Baker Creative brings a fresh, holistic approach to brands through creative, research-based findings. The company does a significant amount of in-house research.

“We believe you need to experience the product,” Cuthbert says. “I don’t want to recommend something to a client that I wouldn’t do myself.”

Cuthbert also sees a bigger picture to the work she and her employees do at Baker Creative.

“If we can help companies hit their goals and hit where they want to be and have a better culture, then we’ll have a positive impact on communities,” she says.

Cuthbert was inspired to start Baker Creative to solve problems she saw in the field at agencies large and small. Baker Creative takes an emphasis on mentoring and training employees. As Cuthbert describes it, taking the time to teach people all the necessary things they need to know how to do to be successful that aren’t taught in school.

“I’m learning myself everyday,” she says. “There’s always something you can learn.”


Cuthbert distinguishes Baker Creative from other agencies in many ways. The company is housed in a 100-year-old Victorian home that’s been converted into a GreenSpot certified office. With gardens as breakrooms and outdoor conference and meeting spaces, “I just wanted it to be a different kind of experience,” Cuthbert says. It’s also not uncommon for a four-legged friend to stroll through, or for a creative to take a break on the porch to find inspiration.

Baker Creative’s approach is resonating with its wide range of national and international clients. The firm recently won two national awards, one for content strategy and execution and one for for web design. Not ones to shy away from any industry, the company has worked on campaigns for pets to motorcycles, but always with the goal of helping clients dig a little deeper with their audience.

“I feel like I could do something different, something better, that could really help clients in a way that’s not just pretty pictures and give me your brochure,” Cuthbert says.

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