Best Entrepreneurial Support of 2013: ECDI

The Economic and Community Development Institute earned the stop spot for Entrepreneurial Support for 2013. Variety is the name of the game at ECDI, with several specialized resources to help all manner of entrepreneurs.

The ECDI powers the Women’s Business Center of Ohio. With a mission to, “Act as a catalyst for providing in-depth, substitutive, outcome-oriented business services to women entrepreneurs,” the WBC had over 100 members in its first year.

Also making an appearance on the list is the ECDI-launched Food Fort. The space helps food-based business and food trucks by providing a food truck and fort commissary, as well as a commercial kitchen and bakery.

ECDI’s individual small business loans have also helped entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and build the courage to start multiple small businesses.

The ECDI Training Institute offers yet another resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Sessions focus on financial literacy, how to get a business up and running, and f00d-based business training.

The Top 10 Entrepreneurial Support Resources of 2013

  1. ECDI
  2. TechColumbus
  3. Food Fort
  4. Finance Fund
  5. Small Business Beanstalk
  6. Local Matters
  7. NCT Ventures
  8. The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center
  9. Wakeup Startup
  10. Sparkspace