Columbus Named #3 City for Black Entrepreneurs published the results of a new study earlier this week, which revealed that Columbus is one of the top cities in the United States for black-owned small businesses. The study evaluated responses from over 1,600 black business owners that asked about city friendliness, ease of starting a business, and whether or not the survey-taker would recommend their city to others for starting a business.

“What we learned is that black business-owners nationwide were slightly younger, more likely to work alone, and cited inflation as a top concern for the federal government at twice the rate of other business owners in our survey,” stated Thumbtack’s Chief Economist Jon Lieber. “They were also concentrated in a small number of industries with 26 percent in events (primarily catering and DJs) and 15 percent in cleaning. Black businesses were also notably overrepresented in moving and professional services like tax preparation and computer repair.”

Columbus was the only midwestern city to make the Top 10 list, with all others concentrated in the southern and southeastern US. Columbus was bested only by Austin and Dallas, with West Palm Beach and Richmond, Virginia rounding out the rest of the top five accordingly.

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