Bleu & Fig: Not Your Typical Catering Company

You are planning a party. The florist, the caterer, the decorator – everything must work in harmony. Often, as the host, you spend your time stressing over details rather than celebrating. Enter Bleu & Fig owners Regina Prange and Brooke Kinsey. Prange, with over 30 years experience in the horticulture business, coupled with Kinsey, a Johnson & Wales University culinary arts graduate, create the perfect team. Bleu & Fig takes a holistic approach in planning events aimed to be memorable, personal and even ornate.

“If someone wants to plan a party, it should be fun for them,” Prange says. “It is our job to relieve the stress as professionals so we can guide them along. That’s what we have to offer which is unique…we enjoy the personal contact with our clients to make sure their vision is carried out without them having to worry about the stress of it all.”

What sets Bleu & Fig apart from other typical event planning and catering companies is that they handle all aspects of the event. Kinsey works with clients one-on-one, customizing their menu to make sure every need is met. While Kinsey works effortlessly in the kitchen, Prange is in charge of all floral arrangements, as well as decorations that help tie all aspects of the presentation together. Working in unison under one roof has separated Bleu & Fig from the competition.

“We’ve been with clients when they are holding all types of events – anniversaries, memorial services, you name it,” Kinsey says. “These are incredibly personal, special events so it’s important for us to be there throughout the entire event so the client can simply focus on entertaining. We don’t simply drop off the food and decorations, our staff makes sure the clients vision is being handled with care, down to the last detail.”

Bleu & Fig has bigger plans for the growth of their business. Having already established a relationship with the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI), primarily through the Food Fort, Prange and Kinsey received a loan to help open their private event space. Located in the heart of Clintonville on High Street, both Prange and Kinsey are excited for Bleu & Fig’s future.


“We hope to have the space ready by the end of July,” Prange says. “It’s just a different experience than a restaurant. It’s more private and intimate. It’s your space when you’re in it…it’s purpose is to create exactly what the client wants for that night.”

With curious neighbors already popping into the space during construction, a buzz is beginning to spread throughout the Clintonville community. With plans to include a full commercial kitchen, as well as Sunday pop-up brunch offerings, Bleu & Fig continues to expand their business.

“We see potential for so much here,” Kinsey adds. “I think this community understands what we’re trying to do and they get it. We are excited to finally have our home base.”

— Bleu & Fig’s event space will be located at 4622 North High St. See all that they have to offer at or visit their Facebook page. You can also reach them by phone at (614) 348-3328 or by email at [email protected]. —