Brick House Blue Launches First PodCast Pitch

podcast pitch brick house blue
Submit your PodCast Pitch by January 8, 2021!

Those with an exciting podcast, or idea for one, can submit their ‘pitch’ to Brick House Blue’s first PodCast Pitch. You’ll have a chance to win mentorship, technical know-how, and an audience boost from industry professionals.

“The goal of this event is to attract creative and outgoing minds to the vast opportunity that comes with collaboration at Brick House Blue,” Elyse Mirgon, a Marketing Intern for Brick House Blue.

Brick House Blue opened their coworking and creative meeting space at Dublin’s Bridge Park in 2017. In February, they added a Podcasting Studio to their suite of services and it is open to anyone. The podcasting studio is available to rent for $20 an hour (after a required $15 orientation session) and has four mics available for you to record your podcast.

“We are challenged every day to come up with exciting, new opportunities for our members and the surrounding community,” says Mirgon. “We thought the PodCast Pitch would be a great addition to what Brick House Blue has to offer!”

Those interested in submitting their podcast pitch are advised to keep their submission brief and succinct. You’ll want to “showcase why your podcast is valuable to new audiences and of interest to the judges.” Submissions must also include a five minute video.

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The team at Brick House Blue selected four judges that have a combination of talent and business sense. They know what it takes to start a podcast, grow an audience and have it be successful.

Judges include Erik Jacobson of podcast PR and production agency Lemonpie; Samara Williams, a TEDx Speaker and cyber security professional; Scott Peachey, host of the popular show ‘Technically Speaking’; and Katherine Gioffre, Host of ‘Executives in Tech’ PodCast Series.

The winner of the PodCast Pitch will receive an audience boost, creative inspiration, editing & production help, and mentorship from each judge.

“It does not matter whether a current PodCast exists, or if it is just an idea,” says Mirgon. “The judges will choose the pitch based off of potential and out-of-the-box thinking.” 

Submissions are due by January 8, 2021 at midnight.

For more information and to make your pitch, visit