Buckeye Laptop: IT Repair in the Heart of Downtown

Finding a niche for his services in the area, Colin Sand opened Buckeye Laptop in the center of downtown Columbus. Sand has always had an interest in computers coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit, so when he fell in love with Columbus, he decided it was time to open up shop.

Buckeye Laptop not only offers repair services, tech accessories and refurbished equipment, they also provide technical support and web design. Their motto of fast service, fair prices aim to make the stress of a tech-crash go away as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We spoke with Sand about how Buckeye Laptop got started and what his shop brings to downtown.

Can you tell us a bit about your personal and professional background as it relates to the business?

I started programming and built my first computer in junior high, started working with web design and network support in high school and then attended Columbus State and Ohio State for Computer Information Sciences. As a result of my passion for technology, education and the experience I acquired through position handling insurance repairs for computers, cell phones and tablets, I decided to start my own company. My goal is to provide better turnaround time and fair pricing. I have always had an entrepreneurial personality and spirit. In the past I have assisted many businesses, relatives and friends with designing websites, diagnosing computer issues and repairing broken tech toys.

I heard that this was your second store following the original in Dayton? Can you tell us a bit about that and why Columbus made sense for expansion?

I grew up in Dayton and ran a couple of website businesses from there, but never had a brick and mortar retail location. I fell in love with Columbus while attending Ohio State and Columbus State. Its diversity, great attractions and cleanliness make this city an amazing place to work and live.

What drew you to the Downtown location and what sort of customer demographic are you aiming for?

When I was researching locations for Buckeye Laptop, I compared suburban areas and downtown Columbus. After much thought, downtown made more sense because there was nothing like Buckeye Laptop around and the foot traffic is amazing. With the help of Lions Management, I was able to find a location that was manageable and tucked neatly between Subway and CVS Pharmacy. My customer demographic is very broad – anyone downtown who has computer, phone or tablet issues or needs. Since we are trained for all types of brands and sell new and refurbished products, we can accommodate even the most savvy consumer. Our niche is getting our customers their devices back quickly and not overcharging. Fast Service…Fair Price – no group coupon necessary!

What types of products and services does your business offer?

Buckeye laptop offers repair service for laptops, desktops, cell phones, tablets and ipods. We also sell new and reconditioned laptops and tablets, and carry chargers, phones cases, portables speakers and other computer and cell phone accessories. We offer remote computer diagnostic and look forward to contracting with any small business who needs a reliable, affordable technical support. We also offer web design and support for those who are tired of overpaying for an attractive and functional website.

What do you think about the shifting trend from desktop PC use to tablets and smart phones, and how does your business model respond to that?

I think technology is amazing and the power of smartphones is great. Of course our services need to change with the new technology. Cell phones, laptops and tablets are the the most common devices we see at Buckeye Laptop for diagnostic and repair.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Buckeye Laptop’s motto is “fast service, fair price”. We strive to get your device back to you as soon as possible and at a very competitive price. Most of our repairs are finished and back to the customer before our competitors finishes their diagnostic testing. As for pricing, we do our best to bring you the best value. Most of our regular prices without discounts beat our competitors group coupon prices, and you still get your repair finished faster. We treat our customers with respect and give them all the attention they need to explain what their situation entails and give them an honest response regarding costs and turnaround time. If it’s cheaper for them to buy a new device than to fix it – so be it, that is what we tell them. We have had a lot of customers come in to the store and say, ““Wow that’s all that repair costs? Amazing!” We hope to build a great reputation in downtown Columbus as the most reputable and fair computer business around.

For more information visit www.buckeyelaptop.com.

Photo by Erin Bloodgood.