Bullseye Media Telling Brand Stories Through Video

Every business has a story. Where words once sufficed, video is becoming an increasingly popular or even preferred marketing tool. With a focus on story telling through video, Bullseye Media provides businesses with high-quality video content, among a host of other media services.

Co-Founders Ryan Luli and Ledion Isufaj partner their love of video with a full spectrum of multimedia marketing tools to help keep a client’s brand consistent across outlets.

The company recently moved their talents from Cleveland to Columbus. Eager to see what the Central Ohio market has in store for Bullseye Media, Luli recently answered our questions that detail what his company is all about and how they use story telling to offer exceptional service to their customers.

[M] Tell us about your background as it relates to Bullseye Media and how the company was started.

I officially formed Bullseye Media, LLC in 2011 with my friend, colleague and business partner, Ledion Isufaj. We met while working at Kent State University Teleproductions. Our partnership and work in the field of media production dates back about seven years. It was always our goal to own and operate our own multimedia company, and after completing countless successful projects together, we decided to branch out and form Bullseye Media.

One of our first projects was for a non-profit organization that was looking to bring back the art scene in Canton, OH. After completion, we got a lot of great feedback. That project was the reinforcement we needed to realize we had the skills and talent to continue to produce new media for many future clients.

What is great about our partnership is that we both have backgrounds in the different aspects of the media production field. Ledion has worked a lot in the television and film industry. His experience ranges from working for different television stations to working on Hollywood feature films such as The Avengers. I have worked on a number of different live event productions for networks such as Fox Sports and ESPN.

We both love to tell a good story. We understand each client comes to us with a different background and story of how they started their business. We really do enjoy re-creating that story and producing a compelling, interesting video that tells the audience just who are clients are and what they do.

[M] What services does Bullseye Media offer?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer multiple services to our clients. We are not just a media company, but a marketing company as well. We work closely with our clients to help tell their story and build their brand through all forms of multimedia and marketing services.

Our primary service is all forms of video production, which includes corporate videos, business profile videos, commercials, training videos, informational videos, promotional videos, live event video coverage and video streaming. Our video production services consist of the whole production process from taking the time to sit down with our clients and developing the idea, to producing and capturing all video and media materials needed, to creating graphics and editing the entire project into one finished piece.

On top of that, we also offer other services like website design, social media and app development, search engine optimization, and video streaming and hosting. We offer our clients the full spectrum of multimedia services because we know that it is better to build our client’s product within one company instead of going through many different companies with inconsistent ideas. This way, clients have the ability to consistently brand their company and get all their services from one source.

[M]  Who is your ideal client and target market?

Ideally, we work with companies or individuals interested in telling their story to connect with their target market and promote their brand, product or service through different forms of multimedia. We work with companies both small and large to guide them through the process of creating a comprehensive media campaign.

Also, if a client comes to us asking for just a produced video, or a custom designed website, or any of our many services, we can provide them with that stand-alone service. However, our focus is to keep our client’s brand consistent. So we offer our clients the chance to work with us and utilize our many services to build them a multimedia marketing campaign.

[M] What factors led to your decision to relocate from Cleveland to Columbus?

We started thinking how can we expand our footprint? We wanted to take our company to the next level and open ourselves up to more opportunities. Moving to Columbus allows us to be centrally located and provides the option to still maintain relationships with our clients in Northeast Ohio, while giving us the opportunity to work with more clients throughout the state.

Another factor is that Ledion is originally from Columbus, and he knows the area. This city is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. with a huge art scene and diverse cultures. There is a lot happening in Columbus, and we want to be a part of it.

[M] Tell us about the reception Bullseye Media has experienced since entering the Columbus market.

From our short time here the reception has been great. We launched our new website and brand ourselves and have received excellent feedback from the companies and individuals we have reached out to here.

We have always been fortunate to be able to work with contacts from our freelance careers wherever we go and that did not change since we came to Columbus. We are excited to meet more people and work with the people of Columbus to help grow their business and in return, grow ours as well.

[M] Anything else you would like to add?

We always strive for perfection and work closely with our clients until they are 100 percent satisfied with the final output of their project. As the owners of this company we guarantee that if you work with us you will receive 100 percent of our time and effort. You will get that individual attention that you need for your project.

Also, we have a vast network of experienced media production professionals that we can pull from that have a wide array of skills. We are able to build the perfect team for each of our client’s projects.

To learn more about Bullseye Media and view samples of their work visit thebullseyemedia.com.