Caddy’s Delight Bringing Virtual Golf to Grandview

Family-friendly fun is at the heart of a new Grandview-area business. Located at 1158B W. Third Ave., Caddy’s Delight offers virtual golf and blacklight putt-putt for golfers of all ages at nearly all hours of the day.

The facility fills two niches for the area. First, it address the lack of family activities in a neighborhood that is known for being family-friendly. And second, a dense urban area isn’t exactly a hot spot for golf courses or driving ranges.

Inside the facility, three large bays set the scene for virtual golf.

“The High Definition Golf is pretty much the Cadillac of the virtual golf machines,” says General Manager Adam Birchfield. “They offer not only 25 really cool courses to get involved with, or you can come in here and really just hit a range.”

As another feature, cameras can record and review a golfer’s swing.

“It’s a very accurate depiction,” Birchfield says. Fifteen to 20 indicators tell a player all the details about their swing, from club impact to head impact.

A blacklight putt-putt course appeals to a younger crowd, but Birchfield says is something really anyone can enjoy.

An indoor facility and extended hours eliminate many of the traditional roadblocks to golfing. Caddy’s Delight will be open from 8:00 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Even during peak golf season, there’s plenty of rainy Ohio days. The virtual course also only takes about an hour versus the two plus out on the range. Finally, it’s not really feasible to start a round at 7:00 p.m., but with virtual golf an individual can work a full day and still have time for 18 holes.

Caddy’s Delight is positioning themselves as more than just a place to play golf. Birchfield sees opportunities for everything from corporate events to kids’ birthday parties. Comfortable communal spaces and tables will be flanked by some extra attractions like like shuffle board, vintage arcade games and possibly some board games.

“I want people to be engaged,” Birchfield says. “I want people to not just come in, hit 18, and go.”

Caddy’s Delight will also offer a locally- and Ohio-focused food and bar menu. Twelve taps will pour Ohio-based brews and a carefully curated menu of sandwiches, pizza, milkshakes and the like will lean towards fresh-prepared instead of frozen foods.

“I’m not just going to stand behind Ohio products merely because they are Ohio products, but I’m going to stand behind them because they are of quality,” Birchfield says of their drink and dining choices.

Caddy’s Delight is about a month from opening.

“We’re taking our time because we want to make sure we do this right,” Birchfield says.

The “we” Birchfield is referring to is Bob and Kristen Caudy. They own the building that houses Caddy’s Delight as well as Kristen’s veterinary practice, Village Gate Animal Hospital & Pet Resort.

“This is something that [Bob] and his wife, together, wanted to do for the community,” Birchfield says. “The city of Grandview really doesn’t a whole lot of family activities and this is something where you could come with your kids. It’s going to be a comfortable environment that people are really going to have fun in.”

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