Can You Stand the Heat? High Heat Brings Sauna Culture to Columbus

CEO Nick Holderbaum of High Heat Sauna - Photo by Katiana Carmon

High Heat Sauna is a wood burning sauna on wheels. This authentic sauna is not only mobile, but replicates a traditional Finnish sauna experience.

Former firefighter Nick Holderbaum, CEO, calls himself a sauna enthusiast who loves to relax. Established in 2021, Holderbaum believes sauna health is essential to a healthy lifestyle. He didn’t see much of a sauna culture in Columbus, and wants High Heat to bring a new way for family and friends to enjoy a true sauna experience.  

“I would never join a gym without a sauna, so once COVID hit and my gym shut down I was gonna build one,” Holderbaum says. “I want to bring saunas to the people and bring them together. Now you can have an authentic sauna experience from the comfort of your home.”

He also wants to share the benefits of saunas with fire service and first responders to help them deal with the heat and detox, and to promote heart benefits.

High Heat Sauna fits about four people inside and gets as hot as 200 degrees. The trailer carries a wooden barrel and is equipped with an all natural wood burning furnace with rocks on top. They also provide a cold plunge tank filled with ice or a cold shower for beginners to give clients an authentic sauna experience. 

“In Finland they always do a few sessions in the sauna but in between you do these cool off rounds where you jump in a cold lake.” Holderbaum said. “It’s a huge endorphin release; it’s relaxing and fun.”

High Heat Sauna services include 20 minute individual sessions or hour rentals for private events, along with gym pop-ups and set-ups at fire stations free of charge.

Holderbaum walks participants through each session and explains how to use the sauna. Towels and a changing area are also provided. 

“Now every gym and wellness center has the option to host us and offer relaxing sauna sessions to their members,” Holderbaum said. “I want to be clear, this is not an infrared sauna, this is authentic as it gets. It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the body and it’s good for the community. On our sauna bench, everyone is equal and everyone is hot.”

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