Candle With a Cause Rebrands, Develops New Fundraising Model

Since 2010 Candle With a Cause has been hand-pouring soy wax candles with the goal of not only creating an environmentally-conscious product, but giving a percentage of its sales to nonprofits. A recent rebrand is taking their eco-mission a step further, while also making it easier for organizations large and small to benefit from candle sales.

Previously Candle with a Cause partnered nonprofits with a specific fragrance. Requests for multiple fragrances extrapolated across many organizations led to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Most people purchase a candle based on its scent.

We decoupled the nonprofits from the candles themselves,” says Owner & Managing Partner Carlos Arango. 

The overhaul of its fundraising program is giving consumers more options and Candle with a Cause’s nonprofits a larger percentage of the sale. The process is simplified overall and nonprofits have more incentive to build awareness around their partnership with Candle with a Cause – something that was an issue in the past.

Arango spoke with nonprofit organizations, asking questions about what it would take to make a partnership work and used that feedback to arrive at the new model.

Candle with a Cause provides its nonprofit partners with a promo code that acts as an identifier to link it with sales for a specific organization. Arango says they will also develop content for partners – info on new fragrances, photos, etc. – that organizations can push out to their networks through social media, emails and more to promote sales.

If they don’t do anything with it then there is no money raised for them,” Arango says. “That puts the incentive on them to actually utilize the candling.” 

The model also expands Candle with a Cause’s reach. With a 30-minute phone call, nonprofits and organizations large and small, from schools to national organizations, and from coast to coast, can set up a code and a fundraiser.

Candle with a Cause is doubling the impact of each $25 candle sold from $5 to $10 donated. The move took some early partners with which Arango was discussing the new model from ‘maybes’ to ‘let’s set up a meeting and get started.’ They are also working on introducing the new system to previous partners.

candlewithacause2Customers will notice some changes to the branding, packaging and candles as well.

The branding takes it back to the basics and more clearly spells out the organization’s name versus the CWC that was appearing on labels. A more organic packaging design features natural fiber bags. Candle with a Cause also upgraded its fragrances to essential oils and removed all phthalates.

When it comes to continued sales at markets and forging retail partnerships, Candle with a Cause will re-focus on its eco-friendly mission. Arango says they are continuing with markets as a budget-friendly way to market and represent their product while being able to tell its story.

The drive to be eco-conscious is giving rise to another business opportunity. Arango was frustrated that they weren’t recycling the entire bottle when making products. To remedy the issue, he designed a full-bottle candle holder. A strategic cut and a few fasteners turn a bottle into a stylish design piece.

It’s a really unique product placement opportunity,” Arango says. 

The new offering will move the business into two new markets – luxury and reusable. The business, named Arango & Underwood after the founders’ last names, will sell refillable inserts for the bottle product which is moving toward retail launch.

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