Case Close helps lawyers run their practices more efficiently

CEO and Co-Founder Brian Augsburger

Attorneys at small and medium-sized law firms are generally very pressed for time, as they often lack the support services available at large firms.

Thankfully web-based legal practice management software, such as Case Close, is helping lawyers run their practices more efficiently.

“Case Close saves attorneys time and reduces stress by handling many of their daily tasks, like time tracking, document finding, and notifications of important deadlines,” says its CEO and co-founder, Brian Augsburger. “This frees them to grow their client base, bill more hours, and build a stronger practice— without worrying about the risk of things falling through the cracks.”

To learn when Case Close will be available, what sets it apart from similar products, and why the company’s team is glad to be in Columbus, keep reading.

The Metropreneur: Is there anything like Case Close on the market right now? 

Brian Augsburger: Practice management software for attorneys isn’t new. However, our competitors’ software has confusing features that take time to learn, yet don’t match the important problems attorneys need to handle. Case Close solves the real problems of lack of time and the risk of things not being done in the most practical way. Case Close will allow attorneys to focus on what they do best— practice law.

[M]: Is Case Close software available right now?

BA: Not yet. We’re scheduled to launch next month. We’re on the phones gaining interest and also getting feedback while in the development stage. Currently, we’re marketing and prospecting to smaller firms that have been in business less than five years. However, the product will be available to all attorneys.

[M]: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced bringing this product to market and how did you overcome it?

BA: Honestly, alignment. Even for a small startup, it’s important that sales and marketing are aligned, but also that sales knows what’s going on with development and vice versa. I think we’ll always be trying to overcome those challenges. We just keep trying to fine-tune our processes internally. And the big chalk board in our office helps.

[M]: Is there anything else you think we should know?

BA: Everyone in the company just moved to the Columbus area in the past few months. Case Close is excited about the buzz around startups here. We feel fortunate to be in an area where there’s so much support for new businesses.

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