Columbus Chamber cbuzz: Ryan Vesler of Homage

Chances are if you don’t already own the script Ohio shirt from Homage yourself, you know somebody that does. The shirt has become a beacon for fellow Ohioans, showing off state pride to school loyalty – and that’s just the way Founder Ryan Vesler intended.

Vesler’s life has largely been a pursuit of passions. From majoring in Spanish at Ohio University because it was simply something he wanted to learn about (versus thinking of it as a career path), or selling vintage clothing on Ebay (which would be a pre-courser to Homage) after discovering a love for vintage t-shirts, he’s always done his own thing.

“When people tell me ‘No’ I generally want to prove them wrong, because I get an idea in my head and I stick to it,” Vesler says.

Vesler’s vintage-inspired t-shirt and apparel company Homage morphed out of his younger days of selling vintage clothing. He realized to have a sustainable business, he’d have to throw some new clothes in the mix. Homage started small, doing pop-ups in other Short North storefronts and perusing festivals, but has now grown to a prominent Short North brick-and-mortar (with another at Easton), a recently-opened Cincinnati location, and an in-the-works Cleveland venture.

The t-shirt market is a crowded one, so during the Podcast Vesler discusses what makes Homage different and how they’ve built their nearly instantly-recognizable-in-Columbus brand. He discusses how every t-shirt starts with ‘Why?’

“I always prefer to start with the ‘Why?’ behind things and I think that guides the design, the creative process,” he says.

Finally, hear what’s in store for Homage as the company evolves (hint: it involves a line of basics).

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