Columbus Chamber cbuzz: Phil & Andy George of MentorcliQ

A good mentor can be life-changing for an individual’s career, and a Columbus-based software startup has developed the “E-Harmony” for mentor-mentee matching.

“MentorcliQ is a software system that helps companies launch and manage their mentoring programs, and really employee development programs, across their organization,” says Co-Founder Phil George.

“It really is an effective way to empower employees to really have the insight within an organization they need to be successful,” adds Co-Founder and second half of the brothers George duo, Andy George.

While a small company with 20 employees may have no trouble pairing a good match, throw several thousand people into that mix and it’s a completely different, often-siloed ballgame.

MentorcliQ aims to introduce the relationship that will give an employee the access and opportunity to learn a new facet of the business or a new skill from an experienced mentor. It’s an equation that generally has nothing but benefits for the business too, improving retention and making for a more engaged employee.

As it turns out Columbus provides the perfect location for MentorcliQ’s concept. In founding the business in 2012, Phil made the decision to move from LA, joining Andy in Central Ohio. Quite the opposite of what would be expected for a tech startup.

“We now recognize that it was maybe the single best decision we made,” Andy says.

“What we found was the community here is so close-knit and so supportive and helpful in wanting to see you succeed,” Phil adds.

Add in a supportive corporate environment and a number of large employers – their target market – and it’s the perfect location.

MentorcliQ has also found their own mentor in Columbus in the form of Rev1 Ventures. While they might have taken an untraditional approach to an introduction (aka just walking in one day), the Concept Academy has helped vet feedback they otherwise would have a hard time getting. And, the space now also houses the growing company.

During the podcast, Phil and Andy discuss balancing business and brotherhood (though it’s not their first business venture together, hello burnout at the age of 12). Find out how the duo celebrated their first sale, and the moment they knew they really had a business.

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