Central Ohio Native Brings Summit of Greatness to Columbus September 13-15

Popular podcast the School of Greatness comes to life in Columbus at the Summit of Greatness on September 13-15.

Delaware native Lewis Howes is the visionary behind the greatness. The once aspiring pro-athlete was sidelined with a wrist injury that ultimately changed the course of his life. From crashing on his sister’s couch for a year and a half while recovering, Howes turned hard work and the guidance of mentors, coaches and supporters into a Top 100 in the world podcast.

After hearing many requests and questions from listeners about when he would have an event or come to their city, Howes asked, “Why don’t I just do an annual event and bring everyone together?” 

Last year marked the first Summit of Greatness with the event returning to the city for its second run. Although Howes now lives in Los Angles, it was important for him to bring the multi-day event back to his home turf.

“The community in Columbus helped me when I was at my lowest moments,” Howes says.

Choosing Columbus over cities like Los Angels or New York is Howes’ way of giving back to the community that supported him.

“My mission is to put Columbus on the map in a bigger way in this kind of space,” he says.


The three-day event will mix motivational speakers with fitness and time for fun.

“I wanted to create the event that I wish I could attend,” Howes says.

Registration begins in the evening on Wednesday, September 13, followed by a welcome reception. Optional group workouts kick off the Summit on Thursday, September 14 and Friday, September 15.

During the day, attendees will hear from world-class speakers to provide inspiration to information on making life changes. The mood turns festive in the evenings with social gatherings. Howes says he designed the programming to fuel the body, mind and heart.

As for who should attend, “Conscious achievers,” Howes says. That’s anyone who is looking to grow and improve in their lives in some way – from relationships to finances and more.

Over 1,000 attendees from 18 countries are registered to attend, with spots still available. Howes says it hasn’t always been easy convincing folks to come to Columbus for the event, but found last year’s crowd to be blown away by the city – and looking forward to coming back.

For more information, visit summitofgreatness.com

All photos provided by Lewis Howes.