Charly Bauer Joins Measurement Resources Company

Charly Bauer - Photo by Sara Parker courtesy Measurement Resources Company

Charly Bauer has been named Measurement Resources Company’s first executive director.

Co-Founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Bauer will step down from his current role at the company as director of stewardship, community outreach to join MRC’s leadership team.

“I’m excited to join the amazing team at Measurement Resources and help mission-driven organizations meet their goals,” Bauer said. “I’ve had the privilege to work with many nonprofits over the last several years at Jeni’s. As a mathlete and data nerd, I look forward to doing this work full-time. I can’t wait to meet our clients and help new ones.” 

Since 2008, MRC has taken a data-driven approach to helping government agencies, non-profit organizations, social enterprises and collective impact initiatives improve their outcomes and impact. In 2018, MRC President Sheri Chaney Jones also launched SureImpact, a cloud-based data collection and reporting solution that supports MRC’s work by more easily tracking, managing and communicating each organization’s unique social impact. 

Bauer brings extensive experience working with mission-driven organizations to MRC. He led Jeni’s through the B Corp Certification process and helped the company maintain its standing, and also currently serves on the boards of BuddyUp for Life and Besa.

In his new role, Bauer will be responsible for deepening relationships with clients, strengthening collaborations in the social impact community, and overseeing day-to-day operations.

“Measurement Resources welcomes Charly to our team of researchers and change agents,” said Chaney Jones. “We’re so excited that he will be sharing his passion and expertise with our clients to accelerate positive social change.”

Chaney Jones will shift her focus to developing and scaling SureImpact.

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