Chase Extends Business Lending Promotions

Are you an entrepreneur with an idea or dreamer who has always wanted to start their own business? Chase bank is offering business lending promotions through their Mission Main Street program.

The program includes four fixed-rate offers:

  • Commercial Real Estate – 10 year fixed rate with 20 year amortization: 4.90%
  • Commercial Real Estate – 5 year fixed rate with 20 year amortization: 3.90%
  • Equipment Finance – Promotional fixed rate loan: 4.25%
  • Commercial Real Estate – Appraisal fee waiver up to $5,000

“It’s nice to have a set, fixed rate going into the process,” says Chase AVP Relationship Manager Aaron Pitcock. Every borrower that qualifies will receive a fixed rate. With interests rates going up and down seemingly by the day, a fixed-rate offers borrowers some stability during what can be a several month process.

Pitcock is seeing a variety of investors taking advantage of the program everyday.

“It’s amazing the ideas people come up with,” he says. He’s finding many people who were sitting on the sidelines capitalize on their business ideas. Overall people are investing again. Through the program Chase hopes to offer both incentives and certainty from small business owners.

For more information, contact Aaron Pitcock at [email protected].