COhatch Brings Coworking to Worthington

COhatch is bringing Worthington its first coworking space.

Located in the heart of downtown Worthington at 659 High St., the recently renovated 4,000 square foot space converts a former community theater into a new kind of community space.

Adopting the mantra work-meet-live, “COhatch is a coworking space built around the way you live, rather than having to build your life around work,” says Founder Matt Davis. 

He wanted to establish the space through a holistic lens, focusing on work-life balance instead of the words typically associated with coworking like accelerator or startup. It’s about loving where you work and who you work with.

And Davis wanted to put that where in the middle of a community with a number of small businesses and entrepreneurs, but limited options when it comes to workspace outside coffee shop and 80s office space.cohatchlogo

There’s really not a whole lot of people doing coworking really well in really cool suburbs and in the heart of the suburb,” he says. “Working and living in the same area strengthens relational bonds and community ties.” 

COhatch’s primary offering is open desk to private office space for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Plans accommodate everything from a $50/month to a $1800/month budget.

A $50/month Commons Membership provides access to open desk space one day a month, plus some perks that make the cost alone well worth it (but more on that in a minute). While $225/month equates to unlimited 24/7 access plus said perks. 

Private, lockable offices range from $500/month for a shared space, to $600 – $1,800/month for fully private, customizable work space housing one to four employees.

Any member, whether it be a $50 basic member or a $2,000 big private office can use our event space after hours and weekends for free,” Davis adds. (Big perk number one.)

To promote self-care, each package also includes a membership to Snap Fitness which is literally in the building. (So no excuses for skipping the gym after work – perk number two.)

The bonuses keep a coming as well. COhatch offers intern services. Davis hired two students from OSU that tenants can pay on an hourly basis for special projects (without going through the whole hiring, interview process on their own). Finally, a nook dubbed the beat box room provides a quiet area to make a phone call…then turns into a photo and karaoke booth when it’s time for parties.

The traditional set of amenities are included as well – WiFi, kitchen, coffee, conference rooms, etc. and printing and copying will run a la carte.

COhatch has worked giving back into its setup, too. As a more hands-on option, Davis created the Boost Program which will provide free office space for a year to a nonprofit or social entrepreneur. The program also calls on the COhatch community to donate hours and weigh in with their areas of expertise.

COhatch will also collect money for local charities through events. While use of the space for events is free for members, when they do take advantage of the offering, attendees are asked to contribute a few dollars to a donation box to go to two selected charities.

Although it hasn’t opened yet (the plan is late September), COhatch is already finding plenty of tenants to start filling its space and thinking about next locations. Davis says they already have their eye on a second Worthington spot and an office in old Dublin for 2017.

Our goal as we grow is to put them in really awesome cities all around the beltway,” he says. 

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