COhatch Opens Sixth Central Ohio Location at Easton

COhatch The Square is now open at 4182 Worth Ave. at the Easton Gateway

COhatch has done it again. The coworking company opened the doors last week to its sixth Central Ohio location, COhatch The Square, at 4182 Worth Ave. at the Easton Gateway.

It’s the coworking company’s first in-line retail refurbishment, taking over 5,000 square feet that used to be a Charming Charlie. On the smaller side for a COhatch location, the company built a 3,500 square foot second floor to create additional space.

In addition to COhatch’s traditional amenities – private offices, open coworking spaces, conference rooms, free-flowing coffee, etc. – The Square has a few unique features. The space includes the company’s first podcast room among its Central Ohio locations, an amenity that will be a part of future spots, like Dublin.

The ultimate work break, the building’s height allowed for a rock climbing wall. The open vertical space also gave room for a gravity-defying seating feature – a curved, hammock-like net suspended from the ceiling.

For this location, Founder & CEO Matt Davis also says they wanted to add a few larger off-site meeting spaces. As more companies start to bring workers back post coronavirus lockdown, Davis says they are seeing more demand for spaces where teams can get together.

These teams will be greeted by a dose of nostalgia with conferences rooms themed around the decades 80s, 90s, etc. – and will thereby never go out of style.

Although design and construction began before the pandemic, Davis says, “We were 95% COVID ready before COVID.”

Not only are there private offices, but space for coworkers to spread out. Davis points out that workers not in an office can choose where they sit, keeping distance from other members. There are also meeting rooms and phone booths if folks don’t feel comfortable in an open environment. It’s not like a traditional office where cubes upon cubes are clustered together and employees have to sit in designated locations.

As where and how people work continues to evolve in the face of the pandemic, Davis believes the demand for coworking will remain strong. As things return to more “normal,” “The hybrid option is the only real answer,” Davis says.

While people may be working from home at least part of the time, every home situation is different. Coworking provides a flexible, affordable option for those that find at-home doesn’t suit their work style.

Davis also predicts large companies shedding larger, fixed-cost offices and opting for smaller, more flexible office footprints – coworking’s sweet spot.

He says they wouldn’t be eyeing more locations if they didn’t think the demand for coworking would continue to be there. More locations also means more room for members to spread out.

COhatch will continue to plant its flag in more suburban neighborhoods, like Powell, Hilliard, Pickerington and Gahanna. Davis says once they build a healthy network where many people live, then they’ll look to add a location Downtown – probably around 2022.

COhatch currently operates offices in Delaware, Polaris, Upper Arlington and Worthington (two locations), with OSU and Dublin under construction.

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COhatch’s first podcast room in Columbus
A seating nook under the stairs
COhatch stocks locally-roasted Florin Coffee
The kitchen area
The climbing wall (with grips to be installed). The former retail space had tall enough ceilings to accommodate the concept.
A netted seating area that will be stocked with pillows hangs above the landing pad for the climbing wall.
The netted seating area
Open coworking space
Additional desk space for coworkers
COhatch built out the entire second level of the space
Seating overlooking the street
Private offices, most of which have already been claimed
The Square’s conference rooms are themed around decades. Murals of Kurt Cobain and Celine Dion, as well as other artists decorate the walls.
The view looking down into the entrance to The Square. The chandeliers were repurposed from Charming Charlie.
The Easton location is know as The Square due to its location.
Old school games ready to be played in the 80s-themed conference room
Another view of the 80s-themed conference room
COhatch has a large patio space