COhatch to Begin Work on Second Location in Worthington, Adding Studio Spaces

COhatch opened the doors to its first coworking and office space earlier this fall at 659 High St. and is already in the process of adding a second location just blocks up the street at 752 High St.

The city of Worthington owns the historic address which was once the Worthington Kilbourne Library. COhatch is working on a deal with the city which will provide the coworking space abated rent to cover the renovation costs to build out the new location.

The city is wholly behind it and really wants us to grow our company inside of Worthington,” says Founder Matt Davis. 

The plans are to honor the older character of the building while putting a modern spin on the space, similar to their first location which revamped a former community theatre. COhatch will occupy part of the first floor (next to neighbor Sew to Speak) as well as the entire basement.

There will be similarities and differences between the first and second location.

The upstairs is going to have another standard COhatch,” Davis says. “The inside will have private offices and some dedicated desks.” 

The first floor will also see the addition of an outdoor patio with work and meeting areas, as well as a larger event space for company meetings that could accommodate between 20-50 people.

COhatch is spreading its wings with the basement, creating two new, unique areas. The basement below the coworking space will be converted into a lounge area – bar, couches, games, etc. Davis envisions it as an area where companies could do team building exercises, or just the opposite – relax and unwind. He calls it a much more modern area to work and hangout.

The other section of the basement we’re opening something called COhatch Creative,” Davis says. “Our goal is to rent out studio space to artists to have their own area.” 

The coworking for artists will include all sorts of trades, from fine arts to crafters. The plan is still developing, but Davis imagines there will be some curation around who occupies the studios, envisioning a makerspace that’s not industrial.

We’re trying to deliver a clean makerspace in a suburban setting,” he says. 

There are also opportunities for artists to use either space on nights and weekends for gallery shows, events, classes and more.

Since opening two months ago, Davis says the first COhatch location has far exceeded expectations. All of the offices are rented and they’ve already signed on 60 members. That being said, COhatch is developing a waitlist for the new space and interested businesses should start reaching out now. Davis expects construction to begin on February 1 with a summer 2017 opening.

The Worthington locations are potentially the first of many in Central Ohio and beyond.

We still want to develop the Columbus market with between five and 10 different locations,” Davis says. 

COhatch is also eyeing other cities and locations out of state as investors reach out that are interested in funding expansion.

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Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.
Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.
Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.
Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.
Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.
Interior of the first COhatch location at 659 High St.