Columbus 2020 Becomes One Columbus

Economic development organization Columbus 2020 has unveiled its new branding and strategic plan, under the name One Columbus. The organization’s goal of helping Columbus area businesses grow and prosper, as well as attracting new businesses, will continue with a new focus on becoming the “most prosperous” region in the U.S.

The new One Columbus strategy was created using market research and input from businesses, board members and civic leadership. That research has culminated into four critical requisites for the future, per the organization: sustain economic momentum; develop, inspire and attract a talented, adaptive and diverse workforce; enable additional innovation capacity; and increase global identity and connectivity.

The organization will continue working with local and state partners and has created objectives to further success from the past decade, including securing 60,000 jobs, adding $3.3 billion of payroll and attracting $10 billion of capital investment to the Columbus region.

“Success breeds confidence, and confidence fuels momentum. Both are necessary components to achieve the next phase of the Columbus Region’s growth,” said Pablo Vegas, chairman of the board of directors of One Columbus.

“Our leadership has defined a bold and ambitious vision for our region that gives even greater purpose to our mission,” said Kenny McDonald, president and CEO of One Columbus. “The past decade has shown that when we work together as a region, invest consistently in ourselves, and pursue big initiatives, we are one of the most powerful metro areas in the U.S. The One Columbus strategy seeks to not only serve the citizens of this region, but to provide a new definition of economic development success.”

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