Ohio-based CoverMyMeds Acquired for $1.1 Billion

Photo by Kevin Payravi / Via Wikipedia.

Local healthcare software company CoverMyMeds has seen explosive growth since their launch in 2008, and today the company announced the next phase of business. Pharmaceutical company McKesson Corporation will acquire CoverMyMeds for $1.1 Billion.

“Our plan with McKesson is one of the most important steps we’ve ever taken to maximize the impact we have on our mission and to be the best place to work in Ohio,” stated Jessica Behrendsen, Marketing Content Writer at CoverMyMeds, on the company’s blog today. “Our mission is highly aligned with McKesson’s mission for better healthcare for all, and we have partnered with Mckesson’s RelayHealth Pharmacy since 2010. Once the transaction closes and we become part of McKesson, we are excited to build on our long-term partnership so that the combined capabilities of both companies are used to bring even more innovative solutions to pharmacies, providers, payers, manufacturers, and patients.”

CoverMyMeds will continue to operate from their Downtown Columbus office and second location in Highland Hills, just outside of Cleveland. The company will also continue to retain current leadership, including co-founders Matt Scantland and Sam Rajan.

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For more information, visit www.covermymeds.com.