Columbus-Based Grand Prix Karting Features One of Largest Indoor Tracks in U.S.

Columbus thrill-seekers age eight to 88 can now zip around a half-mile indoor go-kart track at Grand Prix Karting located at 1300 Alum Creek Dr. The 120,000 square-foot east-side facility opened in June 2014 as one of the largest indoor go-karting tracks in America.

Grand Prix has a little something for everybody, from the family looking for a unique day of fun, to the corporate office retreat aiming to mix work and play, to a non-traditional birthday party, the track encourages all sorts of groups to come race.

“You’re going to have the closest experience to real racing as possible,” says Marketing & Sales Manager Kim Savon. The facility features two separate tracks that can be combined into a half-mile super track.

The track also caters to drivers of all ages.

“We really pride ourselves on being able to have racers as young as eight,” Savon says. And, after the turn of the new year, that age will drop down to four. Karters 16 and under drive junior karts, with licensed drivers 16 and older racing adult karts that reach up to 30 mph.

Grand Prix equips all drivers with the proper gear for a safe race, and also educates drivers about the karts themselves and flags they might see during a race before they get started. Racers are in a heat with up to nine other drivers and spend eight minutes navigating the track, “Which doesn’t sound long until you’re racing,” Savon adds.


She describes the spaces as a one-stop shop for all kinds of events.

“We offer something for the entire family,” Savon says, calling karting a high-quality, engaging, active activity for a group of family or friends. And on the flip-side, Grand Prix features conference rooms with PA systems and audiovisual equipment so at corporate events businesses can mix work and play, spending a few hours doing getting down to business then taking a spin around the track.

Grand Prix also works with a number of catering partners for large events, including Columbus staples like Schmidt’s and Bravos. And, locally founded Donatos pizza is featured in the cafe/concession area.

“We’ve got something for everyone, no matter what your taste,” Savon says.

It took a little over a year for Grand Prix to open once plans were underway. Since there wasn’t anything like it around even figuring out things like permitting took time. However, since its launch Savon calls the reception “overwhelmingly enthusiastic and supportive.” The company sold over 500 annual memberships before the facility even opened.GradPrix3

Grad Prix found there were things they could to right away to start building reception before the facility even opened, and one of those things was join Experience Columbus.

“We’re very excited to be part of the Columbus community and to partner with key organizations and key stakeholders to help gain exposure,” Savon says of their Experience Columbus membership. “They were very helpful in gaining exposure. It also helps us get to know the community and the needs and wants of the community.”

Grand Prix has been able to utilize a number of Experience Columbus’s services, from monthly member gatherings, to placing brochures at their downtown and Easton locations, to hands-on support with seminars.

“They have a great pulse of this city so just getting their input and feedback in different things that we want to participate in and be a part of has also been helpful,” Savon says.

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