Columbus Chamber cbuzz: Doug Joseph of Serif Creative

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Spending time at his grandma’s biker bar and his dad’s giant VHS camcorder were some of Doug Joseph’s earliest influences on his path to filmmaker, and eventually, business owner.

The biker bar, Joseph says, is where he first learned the art of storytelling and developed his love of community. Then, all it took was a look through his dad’s over-the-shoulder camcorder.

“When I looked through the viewfinder I saw the world differently. I saw colors differently,” Joseph says. “And it was at that moment I realized I wanted to get into the film game.”

Joseph bypassed college and starting traveling across the world filming documentaries to music videos before taking the leap to found Serif Creative in his apartment in 2009.

“The timing wasn’t perfect, but entrepreneurship was in my blood,” Joseph says of making the decision to start Serif Creative. “It was in my DNA and ever since I was a child I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

He initially thought he would remain a one-man operation. He didn’t want to become a business owner with a team and a payroll.

“There’s very much a difference between being a freelancer and a business owner,” Joseph says.

However, his mindset shifted. A team could be a rewarding experience, and allow him to make a deeper impact. Now, being able to provide for others drives Joseph. Over the last decade he has been able to directly employ the Serif Creative team, and provide project work for over 80 freelancers.

During the podcast, Joseph explains how the business’ services have evolved to work with large institutions like The Ohio State University, to local businesses like Wolf’s Ridge Brewing and Noble Cut Distillery.

Joseph also dishes his advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and how he’s continued to grow and learn as a business owner.

“I would only take advice from people who are where you want to be,” he says.

There’s a lot of noise and a lot of places to learn, but he says to listen to the business owners you look up to and admire.

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Buying a building, gutting said structure and building out an office for Serif Creative has continued to provide Joseph opportunities to learn as a business owner. Sometimes it’s easier to just take action and learn as you go.

Listen to the full podcast for more insights from Joseph on his favorite projects, how he knew it was time to let go and trust his team, and what to consider when building your creative brand.

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