Columbus Chamber cbuzz: Dr. Peter Edwards on #SaveTheCrew

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In December 2018, #SaveTheCrew officially became #SavedTheCrew after more than a year of uncertainty about the team’s future in Columbus. An outcome that at times seemed improbable, team Doctor Peter Edwards, Jr. and a locally-based partnership group that includes The Columbus Partnership, as well as Cleveland Browns Owners Jimmy & Dee Haslam, stepped in to ensure the team stayed in Columbus.

“The support with the Partnership and the city officials and the county, it’s been overwhelming and it really makes you feel good to be from Columbus, because most cities couldn’t do what happened here,” Edwards said on the latest episode of the Columbus Chamber’s cbuzz podcast.

A city stepped in and said ‘no’ when an owner wanted to move a professional sports team from Columbus.

During the podcast, Edwards discusses his road to Crew savior. The Columbus native has been involved with the team since its inception. Early in his career, Edwards knew he wanted to work with a professional sports team, but found no options in Columbus in the mid 90s. But, it also happened to be around the same time the MLS was forming. Edwards approached the league before there was even a Crew. He got involved through the combine and when the time for Columbus to get its team, there was a running joke that they didn’t know who the coach or the GM would be, but Edwards would be the doctor.

Edwards shares his unique perspective seeing the team go from stadium-less club to an integral part of the fabric of Columbus. He also pinpoints the conversation where improbable became probable – and how it took place in the Haslam’s kitchen.

With the team staying put, there is, of course, talk of the future. Edwards discusses the rising popularity of soccer across the country and how Columbus now will have a team for generations to come.

Edwards talks about ownership’s vision of the new Downtown stadium and their three wants in the plan – to create a winning team, to give back to the community, and to have a good game day experience.

The proximity of the new facility to existing restaurants and amenities, as well as the Columbus Clippers and the Columbus Blue Jackets, opens a whole new world of possibilities.

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Dr. Peter Edward

“We’re trying to create the fan experience that makes everybody excited,” Edwards said.

Tune into the full podcast to hear more about Edwards’ thoughts on leadership, the #SaveTheCrew movement and more.

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