Columbus Chamber cbuzz: Kelly and Mollie Fankhauser of Kittie’s Cakes

The Columbus Chamber and CD102.5 have partnered to bring the first business-themed podcast to Columbus. During cbuzz, host and local comedian Dan Swartwout will speak with local business owners and entrepreneurs and allow them to tell their story and highlight their organization, while further inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit that is buzzing in the city.

From professional golfers to bakers, Kelly and Mollie Frankhauser took a career shift many a Columbus tastebud are thankful for. The couple opened their bakery, Kittie’s Cakes, in German Village in April of 2013.

Golf courses play an influential role in the couple’s story – it’s both where they met and where they cooked up the idea for the bakery. As the professional golf days were winding down, Mollie on the LPGA and Kelly as her caddy, the couple was figuring out the next iteration of how they would work together.

Mollie and Kelly turned a love for baking, and recipes taught by moms and grandmas, into a business. Knowing that there are many great bakeries in Columbus, Kittie’s, which is named after Mollie’s mom, has always been in the business of figuring out what makes it different.chamberlogo325

“We felt that there was a lack of that American style, just kind of like a take on grandma’s baking and making it fresh everyday,” Mollie says.

Kittie’s Cakes rotating list of goodies are baked from scratch every morning and sold that day only. But the mission to make their bakery stand out goes beyond its edibles.

“That was always something that was at the highest of our priority list was making our customers’ experience so unique that not only will the want to return for that experience, but they will want to return for the baked goods that we provide,” Mollie says.

During the podcast, Kelly and Mollie discuss overcoming one of their biggest challenges – hiring. Their accountant advised them at opening, “Don’t hire because you don’t know what you’re hiring. You don’t know what you’re looking for. You don’t know what you need.”

Hear the story of how an intense six weeks of owners only gave way to important lessons in process and perfection when it comes to hiring employees – any why micromanaging isn’t such a bad thing.

The couple also discusses, ‘Why Columbus?’

“I think Columbus, in general, is just thriving right now and thriving on these small business, and anybody that can provide a great service and a great product, I feel like columbus really surrounds and supports those businesses,” Mollie says.

Listen to the full podcast below…(and get excited for what the couple says is in the works!).

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