Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – April 2015

Bootstrapping can get a business a long way, but sometimes it leaves an owner just short of their dream vision. This month sees a number of Columbus-based businesses looking for that little extra oomph to take things to the next level.

Crowdfunding is also often that last push a product-based business needs to start manufacturing – as is the case in two other campaigns this month. For others it’s the whole kit and caboodle, as two chefs are starting from funding scratch for their food truck.

Sweet Tooth Twisted Ice Cream Mobile Food Truck

This isn’t your traditional ice cream truck with circus music and popsicles. Sweet Tooth Twisted Ice Cream aims to take soft serve to a whole new level with a variety of flavor swirls, from mango to peanut butter to cheesecake. Chefs and soft serve fanatics Tyler Armentrout and Brian Edwards are starting from scratch. Funds will go towards purchasing the truck and all necessary equipment. Once launched, Sweet Tooth hopes to make the rounds at traditional food truck events and locations.

Pterodactyl – 5′ RC Flying Lizard

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a flying pterodactyl! Columbus-based PaulG Toys is raising funds to bring its five-foot radio controlled creature to manufactured life. The “bird” will come in four colors – green, red, blue or brown – and is complete with screeching noise to possibly startle bystanders. Funds will go towards purchasing the raw materials necessary for the first production run.

Zoo Webs — Wild Animal Conservation Card Game!

Family-friendly and educational, Zoo Webs is fun for preschoolers to parents. One set of cards offers multiple ways to play. Each card is a learning opportunity, with an animal’s name and picture, along with diet, world region, classification and conservation status. Zoo Webs is choosing an unique manufacturing on demand method, avoiding ballooned overall project costs and allowing international shipping. More funding also means more animals included in the game.

Chertova // Jewelry and Apparel Start Up

Sometimes bootstrapping only goes so far. Handmade Jewelry and apparel company Chertova is seeking funds that will go towards a number or resources to help further develop the business. Finding success and being able to move from garage to an actual workshop, the duo is ready to take the next step. Plans are to attend a tradeshow next month and figure out ways to get their products in front of the right audience.

The Art of Yoga – Help finish the studio!

Art gallery-yoga studio fusion The Art of Yoga is seeking funds to finish off their space. Converting an old warehouse into a yoga studio hasn’t been without its expenses. Funds will go to a number of tweaks and updates, including finishing a changing room, expanding the yoga space and upgrading the retail section.

Expansion of our product line!

That would be the product line of handmade candle company BLKandGrey. More than a quality candle, 30 percent of profits benefit local Ohio greyhound initiatives. Already finding success in the first few months of business, BLKandGrey is raising funds to expand their product line to include car air fresheners, room spray, body creme and branded items.

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