Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – August 2015

Last month was an intense and competitive one for crowdfunding in Columbus. Several campaigns didn’t quite hit their goals or were canceled altogether. Will this month’s group fair better?

August brings a young farmer that proves entrepreneurship is for any age. Clintonville residents should start saving stomach space now for the treats at Dough Mama’s new brick-and-mortar. If you’re thirsty, be careful how you pronounce the name of this new beverage or help a local soda producer do big things. Finally, help the little ones expand their palates with exposure to fresh and healthy foods.

Dough Mama

Dough Mama’s treats have been popping up at restaurants and coffee shops across the city, but this baker is ready for her own brick-and-mortar. Perrie Wilkof is retrofitting a Clintonville location to a bakery & cafe serving up coffee, sandwiches, salads, granola, eggs, biscuits, quiche, and a large array of sweets and delectable pies. Wilkof is raising funds to “not only be able to open Dough Mama, we will be able to keep it rolling!” (And if you need a little preview of what’s in store, Dough Mama took third in Columbus Underground’s first Best Bites: Sweets!)

Budding Mushroom Farmer

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to this little entrepreneur. Seven-year-old Te’Lario Watkins is the driving force behind Tiger Mushroom Farm. What started started as a Cub Scout project has become a budding family business. The farm sells mushrooms and mushroom products at local farmers markets and contributes to a CSA. The family is calling on help from the local community to further grow the farm.

Rambling House Soda

Rambling House Soda has made quite a name for itself in just a few short years. The all-natural soda maker is trying to get their thirst-quenching combinations to more tastebuds. While a newly acquired Clintonville production space has expanded their capabilities, Rambling House is seeking a Kiva loan to purchase equipment that will help them produce and package more efficiently.

BiteSize Catering- Kids Eating Healthier, One Bite at a Time

Most school lunches leave something do be desired, but more importantly, aren’t always introducing a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to young palates. BiteSize Kids Catering Co looks to fill the gap. Founder, educator and parent DeAndra Harrison wants to build a full-service catering company that focuses on providing healthy meals for children at local schools and childcare centers.

Drink: Sech’s 

An alcoholic beverage with a tongue-in-cheek name, Sech’s is a berry flavored boozey beverage brewed by a group of OSU and OU students. With the formula perfected, the team is looking to bring Sech’s to the masses. They already have a line-up of stores that will be carrying the beverage come their September launch and are using the campaign as a pre-order platform.

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