Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – December 2015

Some familiar names are back to crowdfunding this month, with Cravings Cafe seeking a Kiva loan to take them down the home stretch, and Trident Design hocking a new-and-improved product. Two social enterprises also make the list, with Roots-Up using urban farming to create opportunities and Columbus Leather aiming to build an internship program for local youth. A vintage piece is brought back to life with Cap-Off and your light-up sneakers get kicked up a notch with Neon Nancy. Keep reading to find out more about each of the campaigns.

Grow Our Roots-Up with Vertical Urban Farming

Roots-Up sees a vacant lot or building not as an eyesore, but an opportunity to close the gap between a community and its fresh produce. Roots-Up is working on a compact, hydroponic growing system that will sprout herbs and leafy greens year-round. A social enterprise focused on people, planet and product, Roots-Up is raising funds for the pilot of their TrueVertical system.

Cravings Cafe

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months for Cravings Cafe. After a successful Kickstarter campaign to relocate their eatery, Cravings is back with a Kiva Zip Loan that would finish out the job. Money from the loan will go towards outfitting the ordering area and the dining room, as the restaurant is headed to a much larger space than its previous home.

Cap-Off: The Bottle Opener For The Craft Beer Enthusiast

There’s a lot of ways to open a beer…but the Cap-Off is just a little cooler than all the rest. Some Columbus beer enthusiasts are bring back a vintage classic from the Eagle Lock Company. The group has secured the trademarks for the opener and are raising funds to purchase the tools and dies for casting – and plan to keep the Cap-Off American made.

Handcrafted Leather Belts, Guaranteed for Life

A good leather belt can last a lifetime. Columbus Leather is hand-crafting belts and other leather goods, but more than a product, want to provide an opportunity. The maker is raising funds for tools, equipment and fees for summer trade shows in 2016. All money raised from trade shows will be used to fund an internship program for Columbus youth to learn valuable job skills.

Carbon Flyer 2.0: smartphone-controlled RC plane

Carbon Flyer is back again with version 2.0. Trident Design is running a second campaign to finish up and ship out the new-and-improved, tougher-than-nails flier. Blue-tooth equipped, the flier is smart-phone controllable up to 240 feet and features a built-in camera for a bird’s eye view of all your flying adventures.

Neon Nancy, Inc.

Neon Nancy is taking those light-up sneakers you had as a kid to a whole new level. With bright designs, Neon Nancy specializes in some flashy duds and festival wear. With light up dresses to accessories and now, sneakers, Neon Nancy is raising funds to expand their product line and sizing.

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