Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – December 2016

roundup of crowdfunding campaigns and kickstarters in columbus

Three campaigns round out a year of crowdfunding. Businesses around fish, beer and bike locks look for money to stay open and get started. Keep reading for the scoop on each.

Lemurlock Lockable Bike Lights

Headlight + taillight + bike lock = Lemurlock. This all-in-one device locks a bike and its lights in one go. Two rechargeable lights and a cable lock, Lemurlock is raising funds to produce at scale. A successful campaign will go towards final revisions, tooling and manufacturing.

Keep J Hot Fish Open

The second ‘Hot’ pop-up restaurant to populate 1117 Oak St. in Olde Towne East, J Hot Fish is raising funds to stay alive and open. The fried fish joint is still figuring out the ins and outs of being a new and growing business. Facing a move from its current location, the restaurant is turning to the community to help continue its operations.

1487 Brewery: A Taste of History, The Birth of a Legacy

Brews based on history, 1487 Brewery is ready to get things up and running. Focused on Bavarian style beers, the brewery is making suds the way it was done more than 500 years ago – with just water, barely and hops. While the first batches are bubbling, 1487 is raising funds for more tanks, kegs and fermenters. The brewer plans to initially self-distribute to local pubs and festivals in the Central Ohio area.

Failed or Funded – November 2016

Individualized Encryption – Funded – $31,705 raised / $30,000 requested

Autoimmune Citizen Science – Failed – $12,511 raised / $100,000 requested

Burl MFG – Failed – $495 raised / $10,000 requested

Is your business running a crowdfunding campaign or planning to set one up? Email details to [email protected]