Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – February 2015

It’s a busy month for crowdfunding campaigns in Columbus – and there’s a little bit of everything. Two campaigns are eyeing the fit-minded with at-home workout solutions. Once you’ve done your workout, you can enjoy a pierogi with a food truck that’s looking to make a comeback. Moves and expansions are in the work for two other businesses. And let’s not forget the gamers for which building models just got a little easier.

Boline Apothecary Move & Expansion

Boline Apothecary is headed to a new shop in Clintonville, but moving, especially during your first year of business, isn’t without its expenses. Shop Owner Lily Shahar Kunning is turning to crowdfunding to raise a few extra dollars for a smooth transition.

Wilderness Adventures 28mm Scale Fantasy Gaming Terrain

Already a resounding success with several days to go, Fat Dragon Games is raising funds (and justifying demand) for its 28 mm scale fantasy gaming terrain. Delivered in printable PDF files, gamers can print and build as many pieces as they like and never run out or need to purchase more. The fold-flat models are ideal for RPG and war games. By funding the campaign, supporters will have access to exclusive textures and models.

RhinoBoss Virtual: A Fun New Way To Workout

The first of two fitness-themed campaigns this month, RhinoBoss offers a full-gym workout from the comforts of home with one piece of equipment and virtual training classes. By utilizing resistance bands, users are able to customize their workout to match their strengths. More than a piece of equipment, RhinoBoss creates a virtual gym with a bevy of workout options. Funding will go towards purchasing systems at a volume discount and developing the IT infrastructure for the gym.

TFT: A Total Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

TFT offers another way to workout on your own time without the hassle of going to the gym. TFT uses a closed chain tension system so muscles are under tension with every move. That means shorter, more efficient workouts. Once the device is anchored, users move closer or further away from the anchor point to find their optimal resistance. Prototypes are nearly finalized and a manufacturer ready to go if the campaign is funded.

Sophie’s Gourmet Pierogi Food Truck

Sophie’s first appeared on the food truck scene back in 2012, but between mechanical problems with the truck and a can’t pass up corporate position for the owner, the pierogis were on hiatus. However. the Polish treat returned this year with a cart – a cart that’s not cutting it. Sohphie’s Pierogis turned to crowdfunding for money that will go towards outfitting a new production kitchen and purchasing and relaunching another food truck.

Re:work Furnishings

A hobby turned into a business, launching Re:work Furnishings. The husband-and-wife team builds custom furniture and home decor from locally sourced reclaimed wood. With the size and number of orders growing, Re:work is bursting at the seams in their at-home garage space and is raising funds for a move to a bigger, better shop. A showroom for their goods is also in the long-term plans.

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