Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – January 2016

Hopefully you aren’t sick of crowdfunding yet…In case you missed it, we did a year-end crowdfunding report analyzing the general results for Columbus-based campaigns, and dug a little deeper into industry and business stage trends. (Plus, there’s an awesome infographic to go along with it.)

And so the data collection begins for 2016! Here’s a fresh crop of local enterprises in search of your dollars. Staring this year, we’ll also be revisiting the campaigns from the previous month to check in on who surpassed their goals and who may have missed out. – The Next Evolution In Player Matchmaking

GODofGAM3Z is a matchmaking site not for dates, but for gamers. Players enter info like what games they want to play, who they would like to play with, times they can play and any in-game goals, and are matched with other players from the database who best fit their style. The site is currently in development and working towards beta launch post-campaign. Funds raised will go towards build-out with stretch goals adding new features.

Help Blank Slate Coffee Buy a Grinder

Blank Slate aims to bring quality coffee to Gahanna. The coffee connoisseurs have been popping up at events and are in the process of starting their business, but need some help with one key piece of equipment – a grinder. It marks the last major equipment purchase for the business.

Gorsuch Guitars – Magnetic Double Neck

A local guitar maker is back at the crowdfunding with his magnetic double neck guitars. Think big guitar spooning with a mini guitar. The design features a mini guitar that magnetically connects with its bigger counterpart – no extra cord nonsense needed. The maker has already filed for ‘patent pending’ status, but to go full-on permanent patent is an incredibly expensive process – hence the need for funds.

BodyBoss Workout System – Expand Fitness Campaign

Another campaign is back for a second spin on the crowdfunding wheel, switching platforms and with a slight name change. RhinoBoss ran a highly successful campaign through Kickstarter last year, and is now on IndieGoGo for round two. The goal of the campaign is to “expand fitness” and since the workout solution is already in production, funds equate to discounted and general sales of the product.


You have probably balled up your sweatshirt/bookbag/anything that resembles a pillow to try to get some shut-eye while you’re traveling. While there’s the classic donut neck pillow, Twillow is specially designed for the window-seat traveller. The wedge-shaped pillow provides the perfect lean, and really has a multitude of uses. The business is seeking funds to improve product design and research and implement more cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Funded or Failed? December 2015

Roots-Up: Failed – $1,355 raised / $20,000 requested

Cravings Cafe: KivaZip Loan not funded

Cap-Off: Funded – $54,613 raised / $50,000 requested

Columbus Leather: Failed – $5,328 raised / $10,000 requested

Carbon Flyer 2.0:  Funded – $22,079 raised / $20,000 requested (IndieGoGo InDemand)

Neon Nancy: Funding Period Still Open – $1,823 raised / $20,000 requested