Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – January 2017

roundup of crowdfunding campaigns and kickstarters in columbus

Two campaigns kick off crowdfunding in 2017 on a positive note. Offering creative solutions for common problems, a gripping mat has the potential to be a mechanic’s best friend and switches controlling the wrong outlet be gone. Both have already reached their goals – read on to find out how to get in on the action.

The Grypmat | The World’s Most Versatile Tool Mat

F16 mechanic Tom Burden was tired of tools sliding off his aircraft so he created a solution – the Grypmat. The flexible, non-slip tool tray forms to a variety of worksurfaces to keep tools organized, even at extreme angles. With an extreme grip and easy-to-clean surface, Grypmat is turning to crowdfunding to launch small, medium and large versions of its work tray. Pre-purchase pledges will help to maximize orders and lower the price per piece. Funds will also fuel the creation of new products.

switchflip: flip your switch-controlled outlets

With three simple steps, the switch that controls the wrong power outlet can control the right power outlet. With no wiring or installation, the switchflip transmitter “sends a wireless signal to all receivers connected to it telling them to turn on as well.” After two years of development, the switchflip is taking to crowdfunding for pre-sales.

Failed or Funded – December 2016 

Lemurlock Lockable Bike Lights – Unsuccessful – $5,121 raised / $39,000 requested

Keep J Hot Fish Open -Unsuccessful – $810 raised / $8,000 requested

1487 Brewery -Unsuccessful – $4,425 raised / $20,000 requested