Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – July 2015

If you’re feeling charitable or wanting to show some local love, there’s A LOT happening in the crowdfunding world in Columbus this month. Food, farms and games are among these 13 campaigns vying for dollars to expand, launch, build, revolutionize and entertain.

Sweet Carrot Grandivew

Sweet Carrot is ready to go from food truck to permanent brick-and-mortar. In timing that could only be described as fate, owner Angela Petro (also of Two Caterers) had a feeling that Rife’s Market in Grandview would be the perfect place to establish roots, and later that day she found out the building was for sale. A sit-down restaurant is proving to be more expensive than a food truck, so Sweet Carrot is raising funds for all those things you forget you need with a mobile spot, from cups and plates, to toilets.

The Daredevil Dogs Food Truck – It’s Ohio Baby! 

Daredevil is going for the opposite of Sweet Carrot. They’ve got the brick-and-mortar and are ready for the truck. The university-area eatery is tiny – it only seats about 10 at a time – and was breaking hearts turning away diners who had traveled crazy distances just for a dog, so Daredevil is taking the dogs to the masses. A successful campaign will help outfit the truck (they’ve already found the perfect one) with upgraded kitchen equipment.

Help Fund Community Grounds

Community Grounds is back again to raise funds for their dream of a joint coffee shop and community meeting space on the South Side. From local coffee, tea and eats, to a stage, and an area to hold nearly any sort of meeting the community wants, the space will house it all. Community Grounds is aiming for a location within bounds of the Ganthers Place Civic Association.

Flamingo Room

Flamingo Room aims to be a new Southern-style hotspot in Olde Towne East. Havana, New Orleans and Charleston all influence the bar/restaurant concept coming from the former owner of Mouton in Short North. The concept will occupy the old L’Appat Patisserie and Cafe space, and funds will go towards reconstructing the building for the new venture.

Nikola Labs: Leading the Charge in Wireless Power

Most of us can’t make it through the day without draining the battery on our phone, and a new device from Nikola Labs aims to eliminate that problem. The lab has designed a case that “harvests and converts specific radio wave frequencies into DC power.” Early testing shows the case could increase battery life by as much as 30 percent. After a successfully funded campaign, user testing will continue, then it’s on to design, manufacturing and fulfillment.

The future of the Grandview Theatre

Opened in 1926, the Grandview Theatre is one of the few single-screen theatres left in the country. The neighborhood gem has been through some serious upgrades, but unusual hurdles have led to mounting costs. The theatre’s owners are raising funds to help keep one of the oldest screens in the country up and running.

Save the Barn – Grow the Farm

Apothecary products, goats, pigs and turkeys are the main exports of Tilton Hollow Farm & Soap Co. Located about an hour east and slightly north of Columbus, self-proclaimed accidental farmers and owners Chad and Jeff are raising funds to repair their barn, because what’s a farm without a barn?

Woodland Urban Farm

Woodland Urban Farm (currently known as Frijolito Farm) is looking to give urban farming a quite literal meaning by populating a vacant five-acre lot next to their existing plot. The new lot means a big expansion for the farm, including the ability to raise more animals and start their own on-site market, while also connecting others interested in sustainable farming. Funds will go towards an offer to the Land Bank for the Linden-area parcel.

Use Your Words – Party Game

Anchor Games introduces Use Your Words. The simple yet cleverly entertaining game forces players to get creative and “use their words.” A full set of game cards are ready to go, and the team is raising funds to launch the initial production run, and will also be using a small portion for a 3D printer to bring other game ideas to fruition.

Luckless Seven – A Narrative-Driven Card Game RPG

“Luckless Seven is a coming of age story with a focus on developing a personality for Mark, the main character, and seeing the impact of your decisions on your friends and family.” Deck Point Studios is building the user-influenced game for PC, Mac and Linux. Much of a successfully funded campaign will go towards artwork for the game, with software and music/sound design also making up slices of the pie.

Ball and Ramp: paper rolling ball sculpture

Kids and adults can enjoy this sculptural toy. Folded paper and marbles turn into kinetic sculptures to be built anywhere and everywhere. No paper, tape or glue required. Ball and Ramp uses an open source design, meaning designs are available on the website and users are encouraged to contribute. However, ready-to-use sets will be for sale, with funds going towards initial production of the toy.

The B Group: btruth

The B Group is using apparel to start a conversation. The simple designs of  B. Free, B. Brave and B. Strong serve two purposes: to allow the wearer to express themselves, and remind us all of the humanity we all share. Campaign contributions equal a pre-order of a shirt, but the ultimate goal is to have 20 percent of company profits going towards urban youth development organizations.

Keep Alternative Radio Independent

Independently owned and operated for 25 years, local alternative station CD102.5 is looking to raise big dollars to keep things that way. The station famously made the switch from CD101.1 to 102.5 five years back when the original owner sold the frequency and the tower. Since then, the station has been renting their new frequency, and with 18 months left on their broadcasting lease (and exponentially rising monthly rental costs), CD102.5 wants to buy their broadcasting license outright.

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