Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – June 2015

Variety is the name of the crowdfunding game this month.

Smartphone apps are finding ways to make life more convenient, from on-the-go story time to eliminating garage door openers. Brick-and-mortar space is a huge investment for any business. One local retailer looks to move to a bigger location, while a restaurant is ready to put down roots. A clothing and accessories company is using inspiring messages and profits to do something bigger than itself. And finally, a new water bottle design aims to be a game-changer.

StorySnacker: the kids’ story app for parents on the go

Most parents wish they had more time to read to their kids. It today’s increasingly on-the-go world, StorySnacker looks to combine speed and convenience to add to those few precious moments of quality parent-kid time. The app will house a multitude of 60-second stories parents can read to their children anywhere and everywhere. With a children’s author at the helm, ideas are plenty, so funds will not only prove market interest, but go towards back-end costs like web hosting and software licensing.

TITAN Mixer Bottle – World’s Most Revolutionary Mixer Bottle

Weird clumps, malodorous bottles and odd mixer balls are the experience of most protein and fitness supplement aficionados. Titan Mixer Bottle looks to change the game by packing a lot of functionality into one bottle. The leak-proof container allows for supplement storage and contains a unique mixing plunger that easily mixes a clump-free drink (and makes it a snap for clean up). A successfully funded campaign will to towards tooling and manufacturing.

Garage Beacon 2.0

Garage Beacon is back. Building on positive feedback and input from customers on the initial version, the app is relaunching with some bigger and better features. Version 2.0 of the smartphone garage door opener will feature proximity opening customization, Apple watch compatibility, unlimited pairing with units and an improved user interface. Android and iOS app build outs are also in the works.

Beautiful Butterfly – Redefining Beauty

An apparel and accessories line with a social mission, Beautiful Butterfly wants women to celebrate the beauty within, cultivate it in others, and rescue victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. A part of the proceeds of each purchase are dedicated to organizations that help combat these crimes. Funds will go towards purchasing the materials and equipment to further expand the Beautiful Butterfly line.

Help GoreMade Pizza Open a Shop!

GoreMade Pizza has been catering events one wood-fried pie at a time, but the owner is ready to go from mobile to permanent with a brick-and-mortar shop in Italian Village. Targeting the up-and-coming area that will soon be home to several new residents, GoreMade has found the perfect spot, and is raising funds for upgrades to the space, and instillation of a custom-built, authentic wood-fired pizza oven from Italy.

Capital City Scooters buying the Glen Echo Garage!

It’s on to a bigger space for Capital City Scooter. After six and a half years, the shop has long outgrown its current Summit Street location and in a poetic twist of fate, the historic Glen Echo Garage the shop owners had originally wanted was on the market. With nearly double the space, Capital City can cut down maintenance times (there’s such high demand, appointments are booking about six weeks out) and open up their currently cramped floorplan. Funds will go towards securing the down payment of the garage.

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