Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – March 2015

Each month continues to show the diverse range of ideas coming from Columbus’ entrepreneurial minds, and just how many different things crowdfunding can be used for.

An artist looks to expand her services. A group of youngsters wants to get students interested in math again, and the musical techies will have fun with MIDIWidget. The life source of nearly all entrepreneurs, coffee, will be available from a mobile 60s-style trailer and The Bread Guy wants to bring carbs to the masses. Keep reading to hear more about this month’s campaigns.

MIDIWidget: Control anything via MIDI

Here’s one for the more tech-minded. First, a primer. MIDI equals musical instrument digital interface. MIDIWidget “makes it easy to control real-world stuff using MIDI messages from your computer or MIDI controller.” This little gadget acts like a brain for all sorts of techy projects like robotic musical instruments and guitar amp and effect loop switching. The hardware design has been proven through small beta tests and backers can pre-order by supporting the campaign.

MathMark : Integrating Geocaching into Math

A team of youngsters from Powell present MathMark, an app that aims to make math both fun and interactive. MathMark creates a scavenger hunt with math problem clues to solve along the way. Visiting real-world locations gives students a chance to explore and understand the relevance of math in everyday situations. The app is all-inclusive, with teachers being able to easily customize questions based on their grade level. The creators have an ambitious goal to wrap up the campaign and get it in the app store this month.

Help PaperBlooms Grow

Local artist Lea Gray is looking to expand a niche aspect of her creative business. Offering an alternative to die-after-a-week flower bouquets, Gray creates lasting, detailed paper flower arrangements. The displays are great for everyone from a bride looking for something unique on her big day, to someone who may be concerned about allergies. Funds will go towards supplies to ramp up the operation.

The Bread Guy…of Columbus

For one local bread baker, it’s time to go from home-based business to production and commercial kitchen space. The Bread Guy is raising a modest amount of money to get everything in order to start his bread empire. Funding will go towards the necessary paperwork and insurance, as well as supplies and rent at a commercial kitchen. The Bread Guy hopes to hock his treats at local markets once up and running.

Traveling Bean Coffee Trailer

Coffee on the go is the goal of this campaign. One Powell resident it raising funds to outfit a 1960s camper as a high-end coffee trailer. Coffee may seem like it’s accessible anywhere, but some neighborhoods are still lacking options for really great java. Funds will got towards getting the mobile enterprise up and running.

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