Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – May 2015

Beer! Not one, but two campaigns this month are dedicated to making Columbus a little more boozey. Some familiar crowdfunding faces are back with another successful campaign. Products will be launched and paper made when the rest of theses businesses find funding success.

Firkin Ales Real Ale House

Two home-brewing ladies are seeking funds for Columbus’ first brewery and taproom devoted to cask-conditioned ales. These lightly carbonated brews come in small batches, meaning lots of opportunity for variety and experimentation. Flavors develop and evolve as the beer ages. Firkin Ales has a long road ahead and is seeking the beer-loving community’s help along the way.

Mobile Crowler Truck

Owners of the Daily Growler are after another beer first for Columbus…and the nation. The craft beer growler fillery wants to add a mobile crowler truck to its lineup. Crowler = can + growler, aka 32 oz cans of beer. Crowlers are becoming a thing (and great for taking craft beer places where glass isn’t permitted), but the Daily Growler would be the first to take it mobile. Funds will go towards purchasing the truck and crowler machine.

Couchlet: Power Up Your Sofa

Trident Design is back with another hit. Any smart phone user has probably found themselves stretching, standing, laying or sitting in an awkward position while charging their phone on its inconveniently short cord. With two USB ports and a six-foot cord, the Couchlet is designed to slide under cushions or in between mattresses for convenient charging. Money raised will go towards purchasing the molds to take the Couchlet from design to product.

A Valley Beater for White Dragon Paper

Sometimes one piece of equipment can make or break a small business’ entire operation. Handmade recycled paper company White Dragon Paper is seeking funds to purchase a paper beater – the piece of equipment that takes all those paper scraps and churns them to a usable mush. Founder Rocky Lawton wants to give life to new materials and change the notion that paper is a medium on which to make art, not a medium out of which art can be made through her work.

Help us Kickstart Clover’s Hemp! #kindbodycare

Four Columbus-based women have banded together to create Clover’s Hemp, a line of organic, sustainably-sourced, all-natural, hemp-based skincare products. The plant-based products contain no artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens or unnatural preservatives. Set to launch on June 21, funds will go towards 100 percent recyclable or compostable packaging and shipping materials and high-quality ingredients.


New Columbus-based toy company Blue Sphere Toys is launching BotaniCuties. These garden-themed plush critters come in three 10-inch designs and are assembled in the U.S. It’s all or nothing for this campaign, with funds going towards plush production.

See some great business campaigns that are missing or gearing up to launch your own? Submit your campaign for our monthly roundup at [email protected].