Columbus Crowdfunding Roundup – November 2016

roundup of crowdfunding campaigns and kickstarters in columbus

A pair of Columbus crowdfunding campaigns get techie this month, both leveraging technology solutions to solve problems. One keeps your data safe, another builds a community around centralizing medical data. Also, two brothers start a business to turn out hand-made furniture and home goods. Keep reading for details on each!

Individualized Encryption to Reclaim Your Privacy

The world can be a scary place for your personal data. A new technology product aims to give individuals control over the security of their confidential information. The first personal encryption appliance on the market, the SEED Protocol – or secure exchange of encrypted data –  takes the three elements of the equation, the decryption keys, user identities and the encrypted files, and splits them across three computers. Instead of one encryption key for say, a whole doctor’s office worth of data, SEED creates a unique lock and key for each individual person. The system is raising funds for continued development across multiple platforms such as OSx and Android.

Autoimmune Citizen Science

AICS seeks to build an online community for those facing chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. The first data-driven chronic illness platform, the AICS app provides a centralized platform for suffers to track information, from symptoms to medications and more, to see what is and isn’t working. Users can also contribute to aggregate data to drive research from ‘citizen scientists.’ The creators are seeking funds to further develop the platform.

Burl MFG

A business of brothers, Burl MFG hand-crafts furniture and other home goods from responsibly sourced materials. Born and raised in Columbus, the duo are now reaching out to the community to support their business endeavor. All funds will be funneled to the purchase of equipment for the brothers to work with materials from wood, to concrete, to metal.

Failed or Funded – October 2016

Project Genesis-Innovative Massage Shirt – Failed – $3,251 raised / $75,000 requested

Grove City Brewing Company – Failed – $7,311 raised / $40,000 requested

Is your business running a crowdfunding campaign or planning to set one up? Email details to [email protected]